JLL T550 Treadmill Review

JLL T550 Treadmill Review

Summary: The T550 from JLL is an impressive mid-priced treadmill from a respected British brand. With a peak power of 4.5 HP, this is a more powerful treadmill you’d expect at this price point. Add in the 20 levels of incline and a top speed of 20 kilometres per hour and you can’t help but be impressed. This JLL treadmill is designed with entertainment in mind. It features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to listen to music as you run through the built-in speakers. 30 fitness programmes mean there is something for everyone.

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Detailed Review of the JLL T550 Treadmill

The JLL 550 is a powerful treadmill built from solid alloy steel. This model has a length of 186cm, width of 72cm and height of 136cm. The running area itself has the spacious dimensions of 156cm by 51cm.

Handily, it can be folded away quickly and easily with a hydraulic arm that holds the treadmill in place. When folded it can be easily transported from room to room due to the wheels on the bottom of the front. The total weight is 106 kg.

This JLL treadmill is suitable for any user of a weight up to 150kg, which is the equivalent of just over 23 and a half stone. The T550 comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty and the motor is covered for five years.

The Engine Room of the JLL T550

One of the key differences between this treadmill and others is the power of the motor that drives it. The equipment has a DC continuous power of 2.5 HP (1800 Watts) and a peak power of 4.5 HP (3350 Watts). With this power it allows for a top running speed of 20 kilometres per hour. There are also 20 different levels of incline, ensuring you can vary the intensity of your workout at any time.

Pressure Point Console

You control the machine using the pressure point equipped console. There are four indicators which tell you the time, the speed/calories burned/program, the distance/pulse, and the incline. There are no buttons, simply control the treadmill using the pressure point keys. Plug the treadmill into the wall socket using the electric cord.

The treadmill has an advanced cushion deck, which reduces the impact on your joints as you run. Built with advanced silicon rubber, this gives you greater protection than standard rubber.

Electronics on the JLL T550

JLL T550 Treadmill: Built in Entertainment and App Compatibility

With Bluetooth connectivity you can pair your phone or tablet device to the JL 550. This allows you to listen to your music library as you run. What’s more, the machine features high-powered speakers, with fantastic sound quality. The equipment also has a USB flash drive which allows you to charge your phone or tablet as you listen to music. The machine is also compatible with apps such as Kinomap and Zwift which allow you to track your fitness.

Programmes and Booklets

Every treadmill comes complete with a programme booklet. This will help you achieve your fitness goals. There are 30 programs in all to choose from. These programs have been created and tested by the team of experts at JLL to give you the most effective workouts possible. Use the progress plan to improve your conditioning, fat burn and muscle toning.

About JLL

JLL are a supplier of fitness equipment based in Birmingham, England. They have a simple mission:

To provide the very best in both home and commercial treadmills, exercise bikes, and fitness equipment.’

To do this, the company focuses on using the strongest materials and the very latest in technology. They also focus on the customer service aspect of the company, aiming to offer a better service than their rivals. The company caters to both the individual wanting to train at home and commercial gyms who might want to update their equipment. As well as an online presence, they also have a showroom at their Birmingham home.

Is the JLL T550 Treadmill Right for You?

It is immediately clear that the JLL T550 ticks many boxes. It has a strong build, with a large, cushioned running surface. This model is powerful, and you’ve got a range of pace and incline options. And that caters to just the running side. This treadmill, with its speakers and Bluetooth connectivity is ideal if you want to keep yourself entertained as you run. With the range of programmes available, you’ve got the opportunity to get yourself fit, at whatever level you start out at.

I can see this model becoming another best-seller from this impressive UK Brand.

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