JLL JF600 Pro Exercise Bike Review

JLL JF600 Upright Exercise Bike Review

Summary: The ‘Pro’ range of bikes from JLL is impressive – and the JLL JF600 Pro Exercise Bike matches that quality at a surprisingly reasonable price. This is an upright bike. It is designed for domestic use, and for sitting down. If you want to stand up and sprint, then the (equally impressive) JLL IC600 Pro is a better bet. The JF600 is app compatible, it features electronic resistance – which changes how hard it is to pedal automatically, based on programmes or through the iConsole App.

Feedback has been excellent for this bike – which matches the rest of the JLL Bikes range.

You can see the latest comments from owners, plus check out the close-ups in the picture gallery over on this dedicated product page.

JLL JF600 PRO Exercise Bike For Home, Adjustable Electro Magnetic Exercise Bike, 6KG Flywheel Gym Bike, Tablet Holder, iConsole+ App Compatible, Heart Rate Sensor, 12 Months Warranty
9 Function Monitor allows you to track a variety of data including: Time, Distance, Speed, Heart-Rate, Body Fat, Recovery Heart-Rate and Calories (more…)

Detailed Review of the JLL JF600 Pro Home Exercise Bike

This upright is bigger than many you will find in the category. It is 147cms long, 52.5cms wide and 113cms tall (measured to the tip of the handlebars). That wide profile gives you plenty of stability. JLL suggest a maximum 110kgs user weight. That is more than 15 stone. The bike itself weighs in at 37.5kgs.

Resistance is driven via a belt, with magnets able to change this via the console. With cheaper uprights, the only way you can change the resistance is by twisting a dial. You get a quiet and smooth workout, which will remain predictable over multiple uses.

The seat moves up and down. It is on an angled bar – which covers both taller and shorter users. You get a wide seat, which is plenty comfortable enough for most users. Upright bikes like this one don’t have backrests for the seat.

The pedals have straps, and there is a handy bar (you can see it in silver in the picture above) at the back to help move the bike around. Wheels are under the front bar.

Electronic Console and iConnect App Compatibility

Console View JF600 Home BikeYou get 9 functions through the colour monitor. It is a simple control unit, with a dial and buttons. You can reack the usual speed, distance, time and calories burned. There is also a heart-rate monitor (which includes recovery heart rate) and body fat sensor. You an input the details of up to 4 users into the console.

This unit will connect with the iConsole+ app. This will need your own phone or tablet (not provided by JLL!). This adds a new dimension to your rides. See my separate review of this app for more.

JLL JF600 Pro: A Sit Down Bike

Unusually, JLL have made a big point of specifying that this is a sit down style upright bike – and not a stand-up spinner – in their descriptions. I can only speculate that someone broke one by standing up for a sprint.

With this in mind, if you do need a bike that lets you stand up for tough hill climb ride or sprints, then you might want to choose a different model.

Feedback: What Owners of the JLL JF600 Pro Said

This is a new model, and has not collected the same amount of feedback as other home exercise bikes in the JLL range as yet. That said, the feedback so far matches what I have seen for other models from this UK based maker.

People were impressed by the build quality, the quiet function and the electronics / compatibility with the app. One person had a broken pedal. They say they are waiting for JLL on this, which is surprising, as this brand are usually top-rated when it comes to after sales service.

For JLL or any other bike maker, make sure that you check the latest comments / feedback before you buy.

Wrapping Up: Is the JLL JF100 Right for You?

This bike will appeal to buyers looking for an upright bike that will last – rather than a budget model. JLL build quality home fitness equipment. With their ‘pro’ range, they create a high bar. Bigger units, better quality and extra features make them worth the extra money.

This unit is app compatible, with resistance that can be changed via the console (no need to manually turn a dial). It is adjustable, with BMI and heart-rate sensors built in. Best of all, it is quiet and smooth.

Check out the full gallery, and read the latest comment for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page!


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