JLL IC200 Pro Home Exercise Bike Review

JLL IC200 Pro Exercise Bike Review

Summary: The older IC200 was hugely popular – and it’s replacement – the JLL IC200 Pro is even better. It has a new look, though it is what is under the casing that will really catch your eye. After comparing a lot of different spinners, I’m convinced this is the best balance between spec and price that you will find. There is a 7kg flywheel, 8 resistance levels, console, and sensors for a start. When you add in the guarantee and after sales service which JLL are well known for – then my bet is that this unit goes on to become a category best seller.

Check out the pictures, which include views of the inside, and read the latest feedback over on this dedicated product page now!

Detailed Review of the JLL IC200 Pro Exercise Bike

Spinner bikes are compact, with this unit weighing in at 32kgs and a max user weight recommendation of 100kgs (that is around 15.5 stone). The design is striking. While the ‘regular’ version of the IC200 looks like any other spinner, this one has a high-tech look. The casing is a silvery grey, with solid casing instead of just bars.

Note the curves on the rear stabilising bar. This gives a wider footprint to the bike, keeping it firmly in place – even for sprints. You can adjust both the saddle position and height. The front unit with the handlebars and console can also be adjusted.

Pedals have texture to keep your feet in place. There are also adjustable safety straps.

Resistance via a 7kg Flywheel

This bike has 8 levels of resistance. It is belt driven, using a quiet 7kg flywheel. You can change the resistance via a dial. This is within easy reach and is found underneath the console unit to the side.

The top resistance level is plenty tough enough for a hill-climb style workout.

JLL IC200 Pro Exercise Bike Console and Electronics

You get a basic monitor at this price point – nothing app compatible or colour / touch screen. This is an LCD display that gives you all the key information on a single screen. The default setting will scroll through various readouts every few seconds. It gives you speed, distance, time, and an estimation of the calories burned.

There is a pulse sensor built into the handlebars. If you grip this for around 10 seconds, it registers your heart rate and displays this on the screen.

As you climb through the range of JLL exercise bikes, you get colour monitors and sensor / app compatibility.

Feedback: What Buyers of the JLL IC200  Exercise Bikes Said?

IC200 Pro ReviewNo surprise for me to see hugely positive feedback for this bike. JLL have a wide range of bikes, and all of them note that the price / quality combination is excellent.

That said, there are always 1 or 2 people who expect something similar to what you will find in a pro gym spinner class for this price. Sorry to disappoint you, the bill for commercial level units is at least 3 to 4 times what the JLL IC200 Pro will cost.

Specifics in the comments noted that the resistance was good and that the bike was quiet. The easy assembly is a big issue for a lot of users – and this also got positive feedback. There were one or two concerns about the size for tall users. If you are over 6 foot, I’d recommend digging a little deeper into the feedback.

JLL have excellent after sales service and their kit gets a 12-month warranty. I still recommend you check out the latest feedback / comments. It pays to stay informed, no matter what kind of fitness equipment you buy.

Wrapping Up: Is the JLL IC200 Pro Exercise Bike Right for You?

For a high-quality gym style exercise bike at a budget level price, the IC200 Pro from JLL ticks all the right boxes. This will give you a powerful cardio workout via 8 levels of magnetic resistance and will do so in style.

This unit is perfect for anyone that wants a home spinner, though does not want to invest the big bucks needed to get commercial grade equipment.

Feedback has been excellent – with a lot of satisfied buyers already using one.

Check out the gallery (which shows the inside bits, as well as the main bike) and read the latest comments for yourself now over on this dedicated product page.

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