Introduction to TRX

Intro to TRX

How Does TRX Work and What Are the Key Benefits?

TRX is short for Total Resistance eXercise and was developed by Navy Seals. Although designed initially for SEALs you certainly don’t need to be a super athlete to try it out. This form of strength and flexibility training involves working out while suspended by straps. This quick-fire introduction to TRX includes all the info you need to get started.

Suspension straps are suitable for all levels of exercise. This is a fun and effective way to get an intensive workout. Read on to find more about TRX and how you can get started. You’ll find a quick intro first below, then the benefits of Total Resistance Exercise. At the end of the page are some of the key exercises. These have videos for those that want to give them a try.

What is TRX?

Total Resistance Exercise is a form of suspension training. You use two straps to hang from something (an attachment on the ceiling). You then perform various strength training exercises using your own bodyweight.

The straps have loops for your hands and feet. These enable you to perform various exercises and movements. These make sure of your own weight via gravity, and help to build strength, balance and flexibility. Just because you are not using weight plates, don’t fool yourself that this is an easy option. While you can get started with easy routines – TRX provides and intensive workout.

Once accustomed to using TRX under instruction, you can purchase some straps yourself and take your workouts anywhere. Think hanging from a tree, a door or having a strap attachment on the ceiling of your spare room.

Benefits of TRX

Introduction to TRX: What are the Key Benefits?

#1 Balance

First off TRX is absolutely amazing for achieving more balance in your body. We all know one of those gym freaks who does too many bicep curls… They have enormous arms but pin lags and a narrow back.

Working out with TRX will ensure that you workout all of your muscles meaning you can achieve a well balanced, stable and flexible body with amazing strength in all of your muscles.

#2 Core

Having a strong core is the building block for any strong body. The way in which TRX is designed means that every single exercise performed on the suspension straps will force you to engage your core.

TRX Equipment Overview#3 Functional Training

Traditional strength training is flawed. More often than not you’re only working one muscle at a time and it is very linear in terms of also being in one direction. Free weights such as kettlebells and others as opposed to machines have tried to fix this by allowing for a more flexible approach but it still leaves a lot to be desired.

However, TRX suspension training allows you to do so much more. In a single exercise many different muscles will be engaged and usually across various planes of movement, which is how our body is designed, it is how we use our muscles in everyday life.

TRX enables you to improve balance, strength, flexibility and more in a single workout, it is more difficult to have improper form* meaning your risk of injury is lessened and your training is more efficient – what are you waiting for!

*As a responsible writer, I must add that you should receive proper instruction from a qualified pro – whatever form of fitness you decide to follow.
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Basic TRX Exercises

#1 The TRX Pushup

TRX revamps the standard push up, targets your arms, shoulders and chest and is a great introduction into suspension training.

Simply  hook your feet into the straps to lift them from the floor and lift your body by straightening your arms.

From there you simply push downward and extend your arms, which will be a lot more beneficial than the regular push up because all of the focus is on your chest, shoulders and arms.

The beauty of TRX is that there are a ton of variations on the basic push-up. This video comes from PeakPhysiqueTraining and covers a huge 26 types. Note that these are public videos from YouTube. I am adding them here as they work well with the article. The creators of them are not associated with Fitness Review at this time.

#2 TRX Chest Press

Work your arms and chest with TRX. Simply anchor your straps, face away from the anchor and grab both straps with an overhand grip, keep your feet shoulder width apart and extend your elbows pushing your arms straight out in front of you.

From there lean forward so that your body is at a diagonal. Now slowly lower yourself down until your arms are at around the same level as your chest. Pushing back to the start position will engage your chest and arms.

Using the TRX chest press is a great way of evening up your strength. With a bar your stronger arm can overcompensate for your weaker one, however TRX will help strengthen your weaker arm, giving you more balanced strength.

This video comes from TRX Trainer Chris Frankel, he makes an important statement about good form at the start of the piece.

TRX Inverted Row

Work your biceps and backs with the TRX inverted row.

  • Start by lying down directly below your TRX.
  • Bend your knees and place both feet flat on the ground.
  • Reach up and grab the straps with both hands, palms facing each other.
  • With your arms fully extended your body should be a few inches from the floor
  • Keep your elbows tucked and bend them to bring your torso up towards the handles
  • You should now have a straight line from knees to shoulders
  • Now lower back to the start position and repeat.

This video comes from Dynamic Sport Performance. Your trainer Darius takes you through this exercise step-by-step.

Why You Need to Try TRX!

That is just three very simple exercises anyone can perform with suspension training. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more – meaning that your workouts can be fun, varied and portable too. If you want to try but are a little nervous then consider a TRX introductory class or look for a gym that has TRX equipment and trainers.

Before you know it you will be good to go on your own. Suspension straps are readily available as well as affordable. From there you can literally take your workouts anywhere. What are you waiting for?

You can get a full TRX setup for your home for a tasty price, over at!

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