Infinadeck: A Treadmill that Goes in Any Direction

This impressive innovation started out around a year ago, and has been making waves at the giant Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. If you thought that treadmills could only travel in one direction, then it is now time to think again.

I’ll have to put in a quick disclaimer here, I’m actually not sure that in the current format at least, this equipment is actually useful for the gym. The main use seems to be virtual reality games. Having said that, if gamers get out of their chairs and move around, that has to be a positive for overall health and fitness – if only a minor one!

The video below shows you how this machine works. Essentially it is a combination of floor area which can move in any direction with a harness that keeps you in the centre of the space as you go.

This is a technology simply crying out for some smart enterpreneurs to take it into the gym setting. Who knows, 5 years from now we could be regularly enhancing our workouts by entering virtual reality worlds.

You can find out more about this incredible onmi-directional treadmill at

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