Home Elliptical CT100 2 in 1 Cross Trainer Review

JLL CT200 Budget Level Elliptical Trainer

Update: JLL have updated their range with some amazing new cross trainers. The entry level CT100 has been replaced by the CT200 Elliptical. That model is a best seller budget cross trainer. You get all that JLL quality, without needing to shell out big money. Check out the feedback and see the full picture gallery (including close-ups), over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!

Summary: The JLL Ct100 is a great pick for those looking for an elliptical (cross trainer) on a budget. With good user feedback, this model is lightweight, yet will give you that cardio workout / tone-up you need. One for the budget-range shortlist.

Detailed Review of the JLL Home Elliptical CT100 Cross Trainer

This is a low-impact machine, which won’t really strain your muscles or jar those joints too much, while giving you a cardio workout and tone-up!

Two reasons make it suitable for various users, first, it can handle user weight up to 100kg which is plenty especially for a lightweight piece of equipment. Second, a multi-level resistance system is in place, adjustable by turning a knob and increasing the intensity of the workout, therefore a beginner would ideally start low and work their way up, building stamina as you go. The final reason anyone can use this gym is its ability to adapt to various heights, the handlebars and seat can both be adjusted in height by more than 15cm, which means no matter how tall you are you can use it.

And it’s perfect for the home, covering only a 112cm x 64cm floor area.. And you can always move it- with transport wheels integrated make this possible.

All the resistance is provided by a 1 piece crank system, which explains the moderate resistance, but the gym is still comfortable generally, due to the comfortable and non-skid pedals that prevent any accidents and the handlebars are pretty sturdy too. Keep track of your workout as well from the console which will show you the distance you’ve covered, time and calories expended. All-in-all, worthwhile purchase, although anyone in need of an intense workout should consider the JTX Hill-Stride: Incline Cross Trainer.


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