Health Benefits of Tea

health benefits of tea

Drinking Tea has Many Health Benefits – This Article Explains All

If like me, you’re a tea drinker, you might be pleased to find out that there are a number of health benefits in enjoying freshly brewed cuppa. In general, studies have shown that green and black teas can give the greatest benefit, although white tea and oolong tea can also be good for your health. In this article I list a number of benefits that you can get from tea, describing in detail exactly what boosts this can give to your health.

There is some debate over whether green tea trumps the others in terms of overall benefits. For now the general benefits are covered – keep an eye on Fitness Review, the big green vs black debate will be covered in a future article! Remember, this is not medical advice, just general information, you should always consult with a heath professional before making any changes to your diet.

The Many Health Benefits of Drinking Tea – Listed

Tea is Hydrating – Drinking water is obviously the best way of hydrating the body, but tea can make for a good alternative. You’ll find a wide range of tastes and flavors to add some variety into your hydration.

Tea is Calorie Free – If you are drinking unadulterated tea, it is completely free from calories, meaning once again it makes for a good alternative to water. A study has shown that regular tea drinkers have a lower waistline circumference and Body Mass Index. Scientists have speculated that regular tea intake can lower the risk of metabolic syndrome, which can lead to a higher risk of heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

Tea Can Boost Exercise Endurance – This particularly applies to green tea. Research has shown that the catechins, which antioxidants, in green tea can increase the body’s ability to burn fat and turn it into fuel. This can give the muscles greater endurance, meaning you can exercise for longer.

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Tea Can Lower the Risk of Parkinson’s Disease – It has been shown that drinking tea, when considered alongside other factors such as your age, whether you smoke or not, the amount of physical activity you enjoy and your BMI, can be associated with a lower risk of Parkinson’s Disease.

Tea Can Soothe the Digestive System – Some teas can have a calming influence on your digestion, especially for those who suffer from conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Herbal Teas such as chamomile in particular act as an anti-spasmodic, while drinking ginger tea can have a calming effect when feeling nauseous.

Tea Can Be Beneficial to those with Type 2 Diabetes – Research has shown that compounds in green tea could help sufferers of diabetes process sugars easier.

Tea Can Be Effective in the Prevention and Treatment of Neurological Diseases – It has been suggested that polyphenols in green tea, alongside many other factors, can help in maintaining parts of the brain that regulate both learning and memory.

Tea Can Help Protect Against Certain Cancers – Tea contains antioxidants which it has been suggested can protect against cancers such as breast, stomach, prostrate and pancreatic cancers. Research on this is somewhat mixed, although more studies suggest there tea can help combat cancer.

Tea Can Act as a Sunscreen – Studies show that drinking green tea can have a positive effect against the sun, as it may act as a back-up sunscreen. This can lessen the effect of the UV rays.

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Tea is Low in Caffeine – Herbal teas contain no caffeine whatsoever, while traditional tea contains less than 50% of the caffeine found in your average cup of coffee. This has a health benefit as you’ll suffer from less of the effects on your nervous system that caffeine causes.

Tea Can Strengthen the Bones – Drinking green tea is found to improve both the strength of the bones and the mineral density.

Tea Can Help Fight Free Radicals – Free Radicals can cause damage to the DNA in your body and drinking tea can help destroy these due to being high in oxygen radical absorbance. Damage from free radicals has been linked to many health problems, including heart disease and cancer.

Tea Can Give You a Brighter Smile – Although not exactly a health benefit, research has shown that tea can change the pH in your mouth, potentially meaning less cavities, while tea, unlike many other beverages, will not erode tooth enamel.

Health benefits of Tea – Summing it Up

It’s clear that there are many areas in which tea can have a positive effect on your health. Many of these benefits come when drinking green or herbal tea, although tea drinking in general is shown to have many positive effects. It should be noted however that drinking tea in conjunction with a good diet and regular exercise will give you the greatest benefits, ensuring that many health risks are alleviated.

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