Hardcastle Home Pulldown Multi Gym Review

Hardcastle pull down gym review

Summary: I’m not sure that ‘multi gym’ is the right name for this product from Hardcastle. Really you’ll be getting a pull-down for your lats, with a couple of other possibilities thrown in. Now, as a budget range lat pull-down, this unit is excellent. You get a solid fame and compatibility with 1” weights, and a max load of an impressive 180kg. Weights are not included. Check out the picture gallery and feedback from previous buyers on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Hardcastle Home Pulldown Multi Gym
Padded bench for comfortable training – Cable and bar for pull downs & rowing style exercises… more

Detailed Review of the Hardcastle Pull Down Multi-Gym

What you’ll get is a sturdy frame, at 179cm’s tall with a padded seat and a cable mechanism. You can add your own weights, which will need to be bought separately (any 1” standard weights will work). There is a comfortable padded seat, and a wide pull down bar which can be used for a variety of lat exercises. There are foot supports which allow you to change position, and the unit is sturdy enough that you should be able to perform rowing type movements too.

You’ll need to assemble this machine. While this usually gets ‘mixed’ feedback (a lot of people do not like even a small amount of assembly), this unit seems to be straightforward enough. The tools to put it together are not included.

Taller Users?

Feedback from taller users is unclear. One user who was very happy with this unit claimed to be over 6 foot, while another who said he is 6’2” said he was cramped. If you are on the taller side, then I recommend you dig a little deeper before buying.

In general the consensus from buyers is that this is a great machine for the money. When you keep in mind that the price tag is < £100 (even before any discount or special is added), then the expectations need to be moderated a little… it does look like some people were expecting a complete gym for this money!

The few negatives were to do with wobbles (another commentor questioned whether this was put together correctly), and of course the need to assemble always costs a few stars!

For a solid piece of home gym equipment for pull down / lat exercises at a budget price the Hardcastle Home Pulldown Multi Gym fits the bill. Check out the gallery, spec and user comments for yourself now on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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