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Summary: These Parallettes from Gravity Fitness are made of steel, with bigger than average square feet for extra stability. They are perfect for home Crossfit, Gymnastic, Calisthenics and other bodyweight training. At the time of writing, these are the best selling parallettes at Feedback has been hugely positive, many people mentioning the sturdy build. You’ll like the price, these will give you a lot of workout possibilities for a smaller outlay. You can check the feedback and gallery – which includes graphics of different exercises on this dedicated product page.

Gravity Fitness Parallettes - Medium - New 38mm Handles - Calisthenics, Crossfit, Home & commercial use
Gravity Fitness are the go to Parallette Bars for the world’s best Calisthenics, CrossFit and bodyweight athletes…. more

Detailed Review of the Gravity Fitness Parallettes for Gymnastics and Crossfit.

Gravity Fitness list the main selling point of their parallettes as the steel construction. Many ‘cheaper knock off’ brands are basic piping that might be used for plumbing jobs, attached to feet with glue. These home parallettes are custom made, from steel and attach to the feet with a locking mechanism. You can even undo them to move around – though one commenter said this is not needed, and he (as a PT) takes them on visits without a problem.

They come in matt black, and have hand grips. The feet are 50mm x 50mm (5 by 5 cms), bulky square blocks. Other dimensions are 30cm high and 45cm long. This is not quite high enough for tricep dips, though plenty high enough for handstand dips.

Assembly should only take 2 minutes, these bars are packed flat – so you will only need to attach the feet. Free UK delivery is offered.

You can find a smaller version too, the Gravity Low Parallettes are longer and lower to the ground.

Gravity ParallettesComments – What Previous Buyers Said About Gravity’s Parallettes

Very positive feedback for this product overall. In some ways this is not too surprising, since there is not too much that could go wrong. Comparing the comments to the budget (particularly the PVC) equivalents, you can see that the Gravity bars are well ahead!

The words that come up again and again are ‘sturdy’ and ‘solid’, exactly what you want from your parallettes. As I mentioned above, these can be moved around easily, a big advantage compared to (for example) a home multi-gym.

I could only see 2 real negatives at the time of writing. This was caused by problems with assembly. These are very much in the minority.

One comment which caught my eye reads ‘These things were built for Batman’. I’m sure it was meant as a compliment, take from it what you will!

Wrap Up and Next Steps

You’ll get a versatile and easy to move piece of gym equipment for a bargain price when you buy parallettes. This model from Gravity fitness ticks all the right boxes. It has solid construction, sharp looks and (most important of all) great feedback from previous buyers.

Add to this a lifetime warranty, and you really can’t go far wrong.

Check out this product page to see the gallery and check that buyer feedback for yourself now!

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