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Gorilla Sports Weight Bench - Fitness Review

Gorilla Sports Weight Bench Review

Gorilla Weight Bench Review

Summary: For a solid, value for money choice, the Gorilla Sports Weight Bench is the perfect fit. Ideal for those at the beginner and intermediate levels, this padded bench has a great versatility. It comes complete with barbells, dumbbells, and a series of weights. Gorilla have been making weight benches built for comfort for years – and this one is just the job for home users.  If a lack of space becomes an issue – this bench will fold away too.

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Detailed Review of the Gorilla Sports Weight Bench with Weights

This Gorilla Sports manufactured weight bench with weights is a compact and solid piece of home gym equipment.

The bench has a length of 118cm, width of 54.5cm and height of 112cm when not folded. After packing it away, the length of the bench is reduced to just 54cm. The only other difference being a small increase in the height by 20cm. This is ideal if space is at a premium. The total weight of the unit is 30 kg.

The equipment is designed for users of shapes and sizes up to a maximum of 200kg, which equates to around 31 and a half stone.

What does this Weight Bench Come With?

Along with the bench, you receive the following range of weights and extras:

  • The fitness bench itself, which can be flat or inclined.
  • A barbell.
  • A barbell holder with dipped handles.
  • A pair of dumbbells.
  • 14 weight discs. These comprise of 4 weights of 1.25 kg, four weighing 2.5 kg, two weighing 5 kg, two weighing 10 kg and the final pair weighing 15 kg.
  • 8 star-shaped spinlock collars.

Weights with Bench from Gorilla

Gorilla Weight Bench: Adjustability and Comfort

This weight bench with weights is fully adjustable. It can be adjusted in terms of height, as well as the angle of inclination. There is a 5-level adjustable support for both the barbells. The cushion for the bench is 111cm long and has a width of 25cm. Being 4cm thick, the cushioned belt gives an extra level of comfort. This padded bench can be folded down for when you want to add sit ups into your routine.

Varied Training Options

With the Gorilla Sports Weight Bench, you can target muscle building, based on your own fitness levels. With a barbell set allowing you to lift up to 100 kg, there are a range of work outs available for both those beginning their fitness journeys and those who have lifted before. The adjustable weight rack, the choice of standard and dipped handled barbells and the two dumbbells ensure you get to train in exactly the way you want to.

Smart Gorilla Bench Design and Space Saving

This Gorilla manufactured bench comes in a solid black colour – with splashes of silver on the bars and the adjustable parts of the frame (you can also order the bench in white). The weight bench with weights has six points of contact with the floor, ensuring a good level of stability as you train.

Having finished your workout, the bench itself can move quickly from the standard horizontal position to completely vertical. If you are short of space, this is a real plus point for the weight bench.

Reviews of the Gorilla Sports Weight Bench with Weights

Folded view gorilla weight benchReviews of this home weight bench are mostly positive. It’s clear from those reviews that many customers have received an excellent level of customer service, with regular updates and contact from the company.

As always, there were one or two, who thought the opposite.

The equipment is said to be durable and the bars solid and sturdy. Users have stated that the bench is ideal for those just starting out. One user suggested normal brackets could be used instead of the spinlock collars, as this could save time.

Value for money was mentioned as a positive, with one user saying it was a reasonable price for someone looking to weight train at lower weights. The assembly instructions are said to be easy to follow.

Is the Gorilla Sports Weight Bench with Weights Right for You?

You’d never say that this weight bench with weights is designed for a power lifter, however, this could be the perfect set for both beginners and intermediates.

This mid-price home weights setup is also ideal for those with limited space, packing away perfectly and fitting snugly into a corner. The range of weights ensure that there is always that next level to strive for as your work outs intensify.

For the price, it is hard to argue with the value.

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