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How to Get Rid of Bingo Wings - Fitness Review

How to Get Rid of Bingo Wings

How to Get Rid of Bingo Wings

Blast Those Bingo Wings With This Detailed Guide!

Bingo wings are folds of loose flesh or skin hanging from the underside of your upper arms. The name ‘Bingo Wings’ comes from the flapping of this loose flesh in a bingo hall, when someone waves their card to claim a prize!

Both sexes can get Bingo Wings, though these are usually associated with women due to clothes leaving the upper arm exposed.

Fortunately, getting rid of Bingo Wings is one of the easier health and fitness goals! You will find out below how a mix of simple diet changes, fat burning exercises and easy strength training to give you muscle tone will work wonders.

Eeek Bingo Wings

Getting Rid of Bingo Wings: Three Keys to Success

Diet, exercise and the right equipment are the three factors you need to concentrate on if you want to blast those bingo wings. They might have a ‘loveable’ name, but at the end of the day they are fat. Follow the advice below to blitz through this fat and be on your way to toned upper arms.

First, Fix Your Diet

Bingo wings are excess fat and quite simply no amount of fancy exercises and cardio sessions will do anything unless you sort out your diet first. If you want to lose fat you need to be in a caloric deficit – in other words burn more calories than you consume.

Stick to healthy nutritious foods. Think lean proteins, lots of vegetables and gallons of water. Remove sugary drinks, takeaways and booze. Be careful with carbs, use them for fuel and no more. You’ll find lots of practical advice for diet and fitness in my Food and Diet Section here at Fitness Review.

Weights are Not Just for Bodybuilders

Weights for BingoWingsMany ladies feel they will turn into a musclebound freak simply from picking up a dumbbell! This is incorrect. In fact, working out with light weights is a great way to get some definition without bulking up your muscles at all.

Once you are used to the moves, you can add some weight to get even more benefits. Of course, don’t overdo it, stay safe, but make sure you are working hard and slowly increasing the weight overtime as you develop more strength.

An ideal way to start getting muscle definition is with specialist resistance training. Check out the Power Spin Evo Arm. This device uses the resistance from a rotating ball to start you off getting toned. This device has a lot of positive feedback and is aimed specifically at getting rid of Bingo Wings – here is the dedicated page at amazon.co.uk

Cardio Fitness with HIIT

Unsure what HIIT is? Well it stands for high intensity interval training and it is amazing for blasting fat. Jogging around at a snail’s pace for a few hours may well burn a few calories, but you will burn a hell of a lot more incorporating HIIT exercises and not only that you will save so much time.

If you are new to HIIT then here is an idea of how a workout works: 30 secs walk followed by 30 secs sprint. Repeat this 8 times for an 8-minute workout. Once you’re comfortable then try 30 seconds jog followed by 30 second sprint. Keep pushing yourself, but essentially you are alternating from low intensity to the highest intensity.

This is just the start with HIIT. Many workouts and exercises are available that should help you understand what type of stuff you are looking for.

Keep in mind that if you are new to working out, some gentle cardio can give you a good starting point. I have covered some of the home fitness equipment which is good for those at the start of their fitness journey at the end of this page.

Blasting Bingo Wings: Exercises that Target the Upper Arms

This section covers some simple exercises which target the upper arm area.

I put this second for a good reason. Unless you get your diet right, add some general toning and cardio fitness – then any effect from specific exercises will be temporary at best.

The best area to target is around the triceps. Remember, you should start off gently with any of these exercises. This is especially the case if you have not worked out for a number of years. If you are in any doubt, check with a Personal Trainer or other fitness pro before you jump in!

Note: I have included popular videos from YouTube to help illustrate these exercises. These are generally available, and are not associated with Fitness Review.

Tricep Dips:

My personal favourite. Find yourself a sturdy flat surface, roughly mid-thigh height, face away from it and place your hands palm down on it. Extend your legs out straight, rocking back onto heels can help and then simply lower your body down as low as you can and then push yourself up. The lower the better but don’t let your butt hit the floor.

Tricep Extensions:

Grab any weight, dumbbell, kettlebell or even a tin of beans. Stand feet shoulder width apart and lift the weight straight above your head until your arms are straight out. From there bend your elbows, slowly lowering the weight behind your head in line with your neck and then raise it back up again until your arms are straight – that’s one rep.

Tricep Pulldowns:

This is really a gym only move, but it is worth putting in here for those of you with a gym membership or maybe your own home gym with a cable machine. Most gyms should have a rope extension that attaches in a V like shape, if not then a straight bar will do. Attach the rope/bar set it to around chest height and grab with an overhand grip. From there take the weight and extend your elbows pushing the weight straight downwards. Once arms are straight, bring the weight back up, but not all the way, you always want to be carrying the weight until the end of the set.

Close Grip Press Ups:

Pat on the back if you can do a few sets of these. Very tough, but really do work those Triceps. Simply get into a press up position, edge your hands close together. Thumb and fingers from both hands should be touching and a diamond shape between them. From there just regular press ups.

As always, technique is everything. Slow and controlled will give you the results you are after. Try for 6-10 reps of each and 2-3 sets and those bingo wings will soon be a thing of the past.

Get Rid of Bingo Wings – Final Thoughts

I urge you not to overlook the beginning of this article. Nailing all the tough exercises will count for nothing if you don’t eat well. Cut back on all the rubbish, work out regularly and really push yourself and you will get the results that you want.

Equipment to help you get started with a fit and healthy lifestyle.

  • Exercise Bikes: The biggest advantage of these for those new to keeping fit is that you can use them in front of the TV! This makes it easy to fit them in to your current routine… budget bikes start at less than £100, and you’ll get a really good model for less than £200. Check out my Exercise Bike Reviews section for the comparisons.
  • Free Weights: You do not need to pile on the weights to get quick results. There are many stylish vinyl covered weight sets which will do plenty enough to stop that underarm sag. These can also be incorporated into your cardio routines for extra intensity. My Free Weights page lists all the different types.
  • Vibration Plate Trainers: These are more general, though ideal for a general tone-up. The idea is that you ‘resist’ a shaking plate. This resistance tones up your muscles. There are exercises for arms, legs, butt and core. This Bluefin Vibration Plate is the best seller – check it out!