Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag Review

Gallant Punch Bag Review

Summary: A free standing punch bag is ideal if you don’t want to attach a bag to your ceiling. This 5-foot, 5-inch punching bag from Gallant is the best seller in its category. When you check out the spec and feedback from previous buyers, it is easy to see why. Quality materials, an easy to move – yet sturdy – design, and the option to fill the base with sand or water. The base is narrow enough to give you the reach needed to hit this bag from every angle.

When you compare the price of the Gallant setup with other similar bags, you will find this one great value.

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Check out the 4 (completely different) designs and guide to filling the base – plus any discount options on this product page now!

Detailed Review of the Gallant Free Standing Punch Bags

Let’s start with the size. This punchbag is 160cms tall, slightly smaller than the 5-foot 5 inch advertised – though plenty enough for all but the tallest of us.

The main bag and stand come in separate boxes (they have been delivered both separately and together). The stand is 30cms, which allows you to get close enough to the bag to give it your best effort. Assembly will only take you a couple of minutes.

You can choose to fill the stand with water or sand. If you go the sand route, this is heavier and more stable. The benefit from water is that you can drain the base to move the punchbag around easier. It is much harder / heavier to move it around when filled with sand.

Gallant Free Standing Punch BagsChoice of Bag Design

You get a choice of 4 designs for the bag. Two of these have numbered areas, which help you with different routines by aiming your punches. Other designs include a classic logo and one called ‘the beast’ which has a black and white drawing that is worth checking out.

Whatever design you go for, you will get a quality build which will keep the bag going no matter how hard you work with it. It is made with a heavy grain faux leather, has 5-inch thick foam to absorb your punches and / or kicks and a filling of microfibre pieces to complete the setup.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said

A lot of positive feedback for this Gallant free-standing punch bag. Several people commented on the size. This is important if you are used to bags which hang, as there are fewer problems with it being too low this way. Some taller people have positive reviews – as long as you know the size (160cms), then you are fully prepared.

One person did complain it was not tough enough. Turns out he fights at bantamweight… keep this in mind if you are a pro fighter, for those that are just using it for a workout, then the other comments suggest this should not be a problem.

The amount of sand / water needed to fill the base also surprised some people. Overall, the value for money was the number one piece of feedback.

Feedback does change, I always recommend checking out the latest comments before you buy any fitness equipment online.

Is this Free Standing Punch Bag Right for You?

Unless you are a professional fighter, then a stand-alone punch bag will do most of what a hanging one does without needing to drill holes in your ceiling.

This model – from Gallant – is the best-selling stand-alone punchbag. It is also one of the cheaper (great value) punchbags available. You need to fill the base to make it steady enough to punch. After that it will take quite a beating. The leather-look exterior hides EPE foam and microfibre filling on the inside.

As an extra plus, you get to choose your favourite design.

Check out the gallery and latest feedback for yourself now over on this dedicated product page!

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