Fitness Tracker for Cows

Tracker for Cows

You might be struggling to put in the steps (or hours) to make the graph on your activity tracker app look good – though you have to be doing better than your average cow.

I thought this was a joke when first hearing about it.


It turns out that fitness trackers for cows are not only very much a real thing, that they have already won awards and are improving the production capability of dairy cattle by up to 20%.

Here is a link to my original source in the Financial Times.

Connecterra – Startup of the Year

Just to dispel any last thoughts that cow fitness is anything other than a serious business proposition, the creator of this tracker has already win an award.

They were named Startup of the Year at the 2015 Web Summit in Dublin. The jury which awarded them this accolade included some very big names in the startup world.

The tracker provides three components which together save the dairy farmers a lot of time and money.

First health and cycles are monitored in individual cows. Second the activity of individuals is tracked, allowing farmers to tune their behavior to movements – finally location services are part of the deal, farmers will never have to search their fields for an individual cow again.

I love this concept, and was happy to find out that it was a serious business and not a joke. If farmers can track whole herds with fitness bands, is it not time you checked out our Fitness Technology and Apps page and found the perfect device for your personal fitness regime.

Right, I’m off to invent myself a cow treadmill!