Fit4Home ES893 Bluetooth Folding Exercise Bike Review

Fit4Home Folding Exercise Bike Review

Summary: The Fit4Home Folding Bike with Bluetooth solves a significant gap in the home bike market. You can get folding bikes at budget price points. You can get app connected bikes too. What you can’t find are exercise bikes which tick both of these off the list at the same time. This solid fold-away bike from Fit4Home works with the FitShow app. You need your own device (tablet / iPad are ideal – though your phone will work). This unlocks entertainment, interaction and tracking of your rides that most folding exercise bikes simply don’t have.

You can see the gallery for this bike – which includes close-ups of the console – over on this dedicated product page.

Fit4home Ltd Stationary Static Exercise bike Bluetooth Connectivity Folding Home Workout Exercise EquipmentES893
8 level tension control | Magnetic resistance system | Improved handlebar and sturdier base | Self-levelling pedals with pedal straps (more…)

Detailed Review of the Fit4Home Bluetooth Folding Exercise Bike

This bike largely follows the standard format for folding home bikes. It has an X-shaped frame. You can close it for storage in a cupboard, then instantly open it for use. The overall weight is a manageable 15kgs. When in use the bike measures 98.5cms by 53.5cms by 124cms. In a great touch the max recommended user weight is listed in stone – Fit4Home suggest 18.89 stone is the upper limit here. They also recommend a max inside leg measurement of 87cms.

This bike has a smaller 1.5kg flywheel, with steel construction keeping things solid. Magnetic resistance is used, which is controlled by the usual dial.

You will see from the gallery that the saddle has a back rest. This makes a big difference to your comfort – with the ‘double padding’ meaning you will not need to buy a saddle cover for this unit.

Electronic Console and Connectivity

Console View Fit4Home BikeWhile simple, the console included has big digits. This scrolls though the standard measurements for any home exercise bike. They are speed, distance, time and calories burned.

What is different about this folding bike is that you can connect using Bluetooth. This allows you to track your progress between rides – something that the standard console is not able to do. You will need to download an app called ‘FitShow’.

I’ll be the first to admit that this setup is not exactly a Peloton! At a fraction of the price you get a lot of the same concepts. It will keep your rides from getting dull, and make sure you can track your improvement as your fitness levels improve.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Fit4Home Bluetooth F-Bikes

I still have a headache after reading one ALL CAPS rant about needing to send back a broken unit. While I sympathise, there is just no need for semi-literate rants which show a reading age of about 6.

That aside, feedback has been positive, though not glowing. Individual praise came in for the quietness and the easy assembly. Some people noted that this is not ideal for bigger users, which largely applies to all folding style bikes.

The app integration has fans, though it was the value for money which got most of the limelight.

Whether you are buying a budget f-bike or a high-end spinner, I always recommend checking the latest comments before you buy. Fit4Home are UK based, and make a wide range of exercise equipment.

Wrapping Up: Is the Fit4Home ES839 Folding Home Bike Right for You?

This bike will appeal to anyone on a budget that would love to get a bike to connect with their iPad or Android tablet. This Fit4Home bike folds away, saving space. It has a steel frame, and its own console – making it 100% useable without downloading any apps.

When you add in your own tablet, an app and Bluetooth connections – you open some entertaining possibilities to your rides. Who knows, this might be the difference between keeping up your routine long term or having a bike that doubles as a clothes rack.

Check out the latest feedback, and see the full spec / picture gallery for yourself now over on this dedicated product page.


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