Exerputic 900XL Recumbent Exercise Bike Review


Summary: The Exerputic 900XL Recumbent Exercise bike is designed for users of all different shapes and sizes. I needed to do a double take when checking the feedback. More than 3,300 comments! Turns out this included feedback from across the pond, where this is a very popular brand. With smooth operation and a sturdy base, many people starting their fitness journey or returning from injury have recommended this recumbent (sit back) home exercise bike.

It comes with tech including pulse sensors and an electronic display, plus wheels to move it around.

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Detailed Review if the Exerputic 900XL Recumbent Home Exercise Bike

Don’t be fooled by the comfortable seat – you can get a challenging workout on this exercise bike. Instead of sitting upright, you sit back, peddling with your legs in front of you. This is more comfortable for many people, especially those that are new to home fitness. Many comments came from people returning from injury. If this is you, be sure to check with a professional before you work out.

The bike is sturdy, weighing in at 63 lbs. It is 137.2cms, by 55.9cms by 86.4cms. There are wheels on the front bar. They allow you to pick up the back of the bike and move it around. You can choose expert assembly when you buy from Amazon. Most comments show that assembling this bike was easy.

Grey and black trim keeps this bike looking smart. Some people mentioned it is a little ‘plasticy’, though in this price bracket, you really won’t get the designer style gear that you might have seen in the gym.

Exercise Bike for Bigger Users

A key selling point of this exercise bike is that the height / weight recommendations are bigger than for most similar models. It states that users up to 300 lbs can use it, with just over 2 meters in height also mentioned. This is 21.4 stone. While most makers give themselves a bit of leeway with their recommendations, users above this weight will need to take personal responsibility (ie, at your own risk).

Notable Features of the 900XL Recumbent Home Bike

Big pedals are another plus. There are straps to keep your feet firmly in place. This the Exerputic bike has 8 resistance levels. You change them using a dial at the front. It is easy enough to switch, giving you plenty of flexibility with your workouts. Magnetic tension control makes the workout smooth.

The cushioned seat is oversized too. This keeps you comfortable, even if you have a bigger build. The seat is adjustable, with notches for people up to 6 foot 6.

The LCD display works with pulse sensors. They are located on the handle bars (which are within easy reach of the seat). As well as your heart rate, the display shows distance, calories burned, time cycling and your current speed.

Buyer Feedback for the Exerputic 900XL Bikes

Positive though mixed feedback for this bike. Many people noted that this bike is both quiet and comfortable. Some people specifically mentioned that they were using it while recovering from damaged knees.

On the negative side, the plastic casing seemed to be a sticking point. The extra money for ‘expert assembly’ also got some grumbles. If you are good with your hands, then this bike should be easy to assemble… for others that assembly is a must-have.

Most people leaving a review found that the price and quality were in their favour. The build and operation at this price point was a definite plus.

As always, feedback / service and the price can change – make sure that you check the latest comments from buyers before you go ahead and order one.

Wrapping Up: How Does the Exerputic 900XL Recumbent Home Bike Compare?

For larger users, or just people looking for a super-sturdy recumbent bike that will last and last – the 900XL is a solid mid-budget choice.

Most manufacturers are cautious with their max user weight / height restrictions. You can understand why, as it is easier to avoid liability issues. This bike is advertised as being suitable for users up to 300lbs and 6 foot 6.

Feedback has been mostly positive – not glowing – but for the price point and type of bike, I am taking this as being overall a plus.

Check out the full gallery (including close ups) and the latest feedback from buyers for yourself now over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page!


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