Everlast Punch Bag Kit Review

Everlast Free Standing Punch Bag

Summary: This free standing Everlast Punch Bag comes with a set of gloves and a pump. The stand fills with sand or water, with the max height of 5 feet. For a great core workout – this is a budget setup which will get the job done. Better still, with Everlast you know that you are getting kit from one of the biggest and best-known brands in boxing.

Feedback has been solid for this free-standing punch bag setup, with the (obvious) note that this is a budget / home use punchbag.

You can see the zoomable pictures, check the latest price (and check for any discount) over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Everlast Punch Bag Stand Kit with Boxing Gloves and Pump
About this item:

  • 5 Feet tall at highest setting adjustable punch bag stand
  • Elasticated bag gloves included
  • Pump for bag included
  • Water or sand filled base
  • ideal core workout
  • Fits almost anywhere

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Detailed Review of the Everlast Free Standing Punch Bag Kit

Most of the time you buy a punch bag, you’ll need to shell out separately for the gloves. With this kit, you get some basic gloves included. They are Everlast branded, and while not the sort of gloves you would enter the boxing ring with, they are more than good enough to get the job done.

The punchbag itself is air filled, you get a pump to keep it in optimal condition.

You can adjust the height of the bag. 5 feet is the maximum, which is more than enough for a great core workout. The stand is flexible enough to return the head bag quickly to you, enabling combinations as you work out.

Stand: Water or Sand

You can fill the stand with water or sand. If you will not be moving it often, sand is ideal. This gives a super-solid load to the base, enabling you to hit the bag with as much power as you have. The downside of sand is that it is harder to remove. This means if you are moving the punchbag around, it will be heavy. Sand is not included; you’ll need to buy this separately.

Water works almost as well. It has the advantage that you can drain the stand to move it around. There is no reason you should get a leak – though be careful when you move the unit if it is full.

Everlast Punch Bag: Workouts and Quality

Everlast LogoEverlast state that a 20-minute workout with this free-standing punch bag can burn up to 281 calories. While the exact amount will depend on how vigorous your workout is, and your size / condition, this is an impressive result. Much better than the equivalent HIIT class or bike ride (for just 2 examples).

You will be able to work out your core as well as your deltoids, biceps, triceps, and abs with this punching bag.

Everlast and boxing have a long history. When you get any product from this brand, you will know that you are getting superior quality compared to the masses of ‘no name’ brands available these days (which usually come with no customer service either).

Feedback: What Did Buyers of this Everlast Free Standing Punch Bag Say?

Many people commenting said that this bag can take a punch. There are some concerns over the size. It pays to be aware of how big 5 foot is before you buy one. If you check the amazon page, there are links to bigger (note, they are a little more expensive!) options available.

As with all fitness / boxing products, I recommend you take the time to check out the latest comments and feedback. While Everlast products have a lot of positive reviews – there are always exceptions (or bargains you wish you’d grabbed before they sold out!).

Wrapping Up: Is The Everlast Free Standing Punch Bag Right for You?

This is a smaller 5-foot free standing punch bag with a set of basic boxing gloves and a pump included. For the price, you get quality Everlast gear – though it is important to understand that this is not something you’d find in a pro boxing gym.

You need to fill the base with sand or water to make it stable. After that it is great for giving a solid punch. Those workouts will give your core, abs, and shoulders – as well as your arms – a great workout.

When it comes to boxing equipment, Everlast has a history that few brands can match. Check out their impressive range of products along with this top-quality free-standing punch bag, on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!

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