Ergo Life Foldable Abs Bench Review

budget abs bench from Ergo Life

Summary: Abs equipment comes in all different shapes and sizes – though not many come with this amount of versatility and LCD display. Key to the setup is the adjustable knee holder. This not only lets you set things up for your height and build, it gets a lot of different abs and core exercises from what looks like a simple bench. No comparison with a ‘hold the feet’ style sit-up bench here, there are 4 different exercises in total – all of them focused on the abs and core.

Feedback has been hugely positive for this abs bench (with the exception of one confusing comment from a 23 stone+ user!). Check out the gallery, which shows you the exercises being performed, over on this dedicated product page for yourself now!

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Detailed Review of the Ergo Life Multi Functional Foldable Ab Exercise Bench

This bench has a steel frame, with padded PU leather coverings and foam for the handles / foot holders. This makes it super-sturdy. You will need to assemble it, with the tools included. Nobody mentioned any issues with putting their bench together.

Key to the setup is the sliding part, which (for most exercises) holds your knees. There is a switch under the main handle, which you can use to adjust the resistance – changing the intensity of your workout. Make sure you do not overdo abs / core first time round by starting on the lowest intensity.

There are hand / foot grips at the bottom near the front, and the top – you will also find two longer bars to grip. See the exercise options below to understand how these are used. You can fold this bench for easy upright storage between workouts.

Electronic Console

What makes this abs exercise bench stand out is the led display. Most simple benches leave you to count your reps yourself. This one counts for you, including calories burned and daily progress. It is not app compatible, though certainly differentiates this bench from other setups.

Ergo Life Abs Bench: 4 Different Exercises

Experienced users will be able to improve on the ‘core 4’ types of exercise. Here are the main ones for users getting started with work on their abs:

  • Ab Crunch
  • Sit Ups
  • Back Extensions
  • Back / Arm Flexion

You can find out more on these from a chart on the amazon product page. Remember to find out how to safely perform each exercise before you start.

Feedback: What Did Previous Buyers Say About This Abs Exercise Bench?

Let’s start with the negative… someone was upset that it was not suitable for users over 150kgs. I double checked the spec and did not find any recommended weight. This is more than 23 stone. Though I sympathise with this buyer, if you are a bigger user, I recommend seeking specialist equipment.

Once you take this user out of the ratings, everyone is positive. The flexibility of the machine, overall ease of putting it together and the sturdiness all came in for positive individual comments.

For abs benches and all types of home fitness equipment, you should always check the latest feedback before you buy. Things can and do change quickly when it comes to quality and / or service.

Wrapping Up: Is this the Right Home Abs Exercise Bench for You?

This is perfect for anyone who includes some abs and core in their routine and wants a bench to take this to the next level. You can do 4 main groups of exercise on a sturdy frame with handles and padding in strategically placed spots. Best of all, there is an LCD console to keep track of your progress.

The price is great for the setup and the feedback (for anyone under 23 stone at least) is hugely positive.

Check out the details of those exercises in the gallery and see the latest comments from buyers for yourself now, over on this detailed product page.


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