Environment and Fitness: Plogging

Litter Running Combo

Plogging is a new term which describes jogging and picking up litter. This got started in Scandinavia, and is quickly gaining momentum in the UK.

The idea is so simple, it is a surprise nobody thought of it before. Not only will you get the benefits of a run, social activity and improving your environment – you’ll be squatting down a lot too. It is not just a cardio workout, you’ll improve your core and butt along the way!

All you need to start Plogging is your normal jogging gear, a pair of gloves (after all, you never know what nasties might be lurking), and a bag to put them in. You’ll also need a plan of what to do with the waste you collect of course.

New Words / Old Ideas

Of course, people have been combining exercise with picking up litter for a long time. Cleaning up beaches goes back to the 1960’s. This might not have the buzzwords, though combining a vigorous walk with making the environment better was the objective. You can add to this litter drives, and more challenging projects like cleaning junk (or weeds!) out of canals and rivers.

App Now Tracks Your Plogging Activities

I have not checked out the LifeSum app myself – so it is hard to know whether they are a genuine environmentally friendly company, or just enjoying some extra publicity from the latest crazy. Either way, you’ll be able to keep track of your group’s Plogging progress via your smartphone.

How to Get Involved in Plogging in Your Area?

I checked Meetup.com – and saw some active Plogging groups dotted around the country. There was one in Manchester which caught my eye. Beer and Plogging sounds like the perfect way to reward yourself after a hard morning’s litter picking. If there is no group in your area, then why not create one and see if there is any interest?

Facebook so far has fewer hits. It could be that there is an opportunity for someone to create a group which coordinates activities across the UK.

Just a Fad – or the Shape of Things to Come?

I’m sure some of you are sceptical! This does have the sound of a cool eco-friendly buzzword, rather than a long-term movement. With Asian countries literally flooding our oceans with toxic litter, it can almost feel like Plogging would make little difference anyway…

On the other hand, cleaning up your local area will make you feel great, and will be giving a little to everyone in your community. Combine this with the social aspects of Plogging, and those all-important calories burned, and you have a win-win.

Let’s check back in a year’s time and see whether the Plogging movement has grown or fizzled out!

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