There are some key dates coming up for fitness fans. That said, the road back to gyms being fully open, team sports starting up again and fitness events is moving slowly.

This page covers those key dates and what to expect. What it does not do is express any editorial opinion on the speed of release from lockdown… just the dates.

March 29th: The Next Step for Fitness Fans

I’m already hearing of private outdoor fitness events kicking off on March 29th. For example, mini boot camps for 5+ the trainer in local parks.

The new rule will be that up to 6 people can meet outdoors, though you should not meet with more than one other family.

There are also some sports returning. Golf and Tennis are the main ones. They are the easiest to implement social distancing. Basketball is also included (outdoor only), along with formally organised sports.

It’s not much, though some sports returning will be a big boost. It is then only a 2-week wait until the next step. I like to think of this period as the warm-up… for those that have let themselves get sedentary during the lock-down, you can get back to fitness – ready for the April and May milestones.

Improve Your Daily Lockdown Walk

April 12th: Gyms (Sort Of) Reopen

Gyms will reopen on the 12th of April. There are two major ‘catches’ to this.

  • No Group Classes: This covers a huge proportion of gym-goers. No body pump, circuit training or group cycling classes allowed indoors.
  • Don’t Meet Up: The government are keen that people don’t use the gym as an ‘excuse’ to meet up with friends from outside your household indoors. No idea whatsoever how they intend to enforce this one.

This is a big step, especially when you combine it with the outdoor activities. As the spring progresses, we can start thinking about May, when those classes and indoor sports will finally reopen.

May 17th: The Welcome Return of Indoor Sports

Lots of things which are not linked to fitness return on the 17th of May. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a Summer which will go down in history!

Key for the fitness minded among us is this line ‘Adult indoor group sports and exercise classes can restart’.

Of course, the number of virus cases, vaccinations and any local restrictions will come into play. The optimistic scenario is that we are almost back to normal, perhaps with a reduced capacity here and there.

June 21st: No More Excuses – Time for a Healthy Summer

All being well (tests passed and so on), the final restrictions will be lifted on the Summer Solstice June 21st.

All being well, this will include international travel, staycations, and group events. If there is one thing we have all learned from this ordeal, it is that a healthy immune system is more important than ever. No more excuses to lose those excess pounds, switch to a healthy diet and take your fitness levels upwards.

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