Echelon Connect Sport Exercise Bike Review

Echelon Connect Sport Bike Review

Echelon are gaining ground on arch-rivals Peloton – and with the Connect Sport exercise bike, you can see why.

This bike is gorgeous, with clean lines, curves in the right places and a smart black and red colour scheme. It is a studio style bike – designed for both sprints and sitting. Best of all, it connects to the Echelon app for training sessions and a vast video library. For a lot less than a Peloton, you get a home bike which will last you for years.

Check out the impressive picture gallery, and check for the latest pricing and discounts now – over on this dedicated Echelon Sport page at the official store.

Echelon Connect Sport Smart Exercise Bike with 7kg front flywheel
Don’t mention the ‘P’ word… well, if you want a fitness bike / app combo that is more than just a fad – the Sport is one for your shortlist!

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Detailed Review of the Echelon Connect Sport Compact Exercise Bike

There are four excellent home exercise bikes in the Echelon range.

The Connect Sport is the smallest of them – though it is still bigger than many of the ‘non-brand’ rattletraps you get online these days. Once assembled it is 120.5cm long, 63cm wide and 113.5 cm tall. The total weight is 35.4kgs. There are small wheels at the front, allowing you to tip it up to wheel it into place.

I love the design; it looks good enough to go racing. Both the seat and the handlebars are adjustable, and the flywheel is a decent 7kgs. Resistance levels are magnetic, for smooth and predictable rides. There are 32 levels, from easy to through enough to mimic a serious climb.

A quick note on the back of the base. This has a unique way of spreading, with adjustable pads. For a stable and solid ride, the Connect Sport has you covered.

Free Trial of FitPass App

Echelon Fit App Free Trial

Your Connect Sport bike gets you a free trial of Echelon Fit for a full 45 days. This is plenty of time to decide whether the mix of live training sessions, video classes and FitPass access is worth the money.

Echelon Fit covers floor exercises, HIIT, Zumba and strength training – in addition to exercise bike routines and workouts on other types of cardio equipment. This connects using Bluetooth, you’ll need to use your own iPad or tablet with the Sport Connect.

Of course, you could always choose to use your own favourite apps or maps – or simply have videos, music, or podcasts while you peddle.

If you choose to sign up for Echelon Fit – this can be used for all your cardio equipment (it is not bike-specific).


Echelon Connect Sport Home Studio Bike: Small Features for Big Results

This bike comes with a long list of small touches, which go beyond the great looking frame. The seat is straight off a gym classes type bike and adjusts in two directions. There are cages on the peddles, which hold your feat in place while you sprint. Add the drink holder, easy reach to change resistance and wide, stable base and you can see why the Echelon Sport is giving stiff competition to the better-known rival brands.

Stunning Design Echelon Sport Connect

Feedback: What Do Owners of the Echelon Sport Connect Exercise Bike Say?

A lot of good feedback across different outlets for Echelon machines. When you take into account the usual percentage of people that throw toys out of their pram when any assembly is needed – this feedback goes from good to great.

Words that appeared frequently throughout the Echelon Bikes range included value and smooth resistance. The Echelon App gets a ton of praise. Many people thought this brings their workout on the Connect Sport to life. Keep in mind that you will need to subscribe after your 45-day trial is over.

Echelon has a great reputation for after-sales-service too.


Wrapping Up: Is the Echelon Connect Sport Home Exercise Bike any Good?

A solid compact exercise bike with a stunning design – the Echelon Connect Sport is the entry-level bike in an impressive range.

Build quality is impressive, with a lot of small touches added to a solid frame. You get a fully adjustable bike with 32 levels of smooth magnetic resistance. Add the Echelon Fit app, with live workouts and recorded sessions – and you’ll have a great reason to jump up and train.

I rate the Compact Sport highly.

Check out the full spec, zoomable image and latest (if any) discount now – over on the official Echelon Sport Connect page here.


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