Dripex Magnetic Studio Bike Review

Dripex Magnetic Studio Bike Review

Summary: Dripex have created a quiet, solid, and great looking magnetic resistance studio exercise bike. Buyers found it easy to assemble, quiet and practical. The looks are angular and modern, with steel construction making this unit suitable for people up to 300lbs (over 21 stone). It comes with an LCD monitor, bottle holder and is adjustable. Dripex also create the Yoleo brand, they have been around since 2001, and supply home fitness equipment in both the UK and the USA.

You get a great bike for a decidedly middle-range price point with this unit. Check out the full picture gallery (which includes plenty of close-ups) for yourself now, over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Dripex Magnetic Resistance Indoor Exercise Bike (2021 Upgraded New Version), Super-Silent, Capacity 300 LBS, LCD Monitor, Pulse Sensor, Bottle Holder, Home Gym Stationary Bike (Blue)
Large air permeable seat with 11-level adjustable seat height. Can be moved forward or backward easily. 5-level handlebar height fits different individual demands….. more

Detailed Review of the Dripex Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike

Let’s start with the frame. This is steel construction. While it does have plastic coverings, the bike looks and feels solid. Users up to just over 21 stone are within the recommended limits for using it, if you are over this, you cycle at your own risk.

Both the seat and the handlebars are adjustable. One buyer mentioned that they had no problem using it, despite being 6 foot 4”. The makers recommend you are between 4 foot 9 and 6 foot 1. This magnetic exercise bike is built to be used standing (for sprints) or sitting down. The seat is air-permeable and softer than the ‘razor blades’ round on some studio bikes.

Small extras include wheels to move your bike into place, and even a holder for your water bottle.

This unit does not fold – if you are short on space, then I recommend checking out the impressive F-Bike Range from UltraSport instead.

Heavy Flywheel for Smooth Biking

This bike has a 20lb flywheel. This is heavier than you will find on budget exercise bike. It will provide smooth (belt / magnetic) resistance. A big flywheel keeps things predictable at the lower speeds, it also gives you good resistance at the top end. This will come in increasingly useful as your overall fitness improves.

Resistance works in both directions on this Dripex bike. There is also an emergency brake system in case you need to stop in a hurry.

Dripex Magnetic Studio Bike: Multi-Functional Console

Console View Dripex BikesThe console is clear, though not a flashy touchscreen or app-compatible system (you need to spend a little more than the mid-range price of this model to get that). It will track all the key information that can make sure you are improving over time.

Displays include time peddling, speed, distance covered, calories burned, and also your pulse. There are sensors in the handlebars to measure your heart rate.

There is a phone holder, so you can stay entertained while you cycle!

Feedback: What Owners of the Dripex Magnetic Exercise Bikes Said?

Positive feedback overall for this model. People were impressed by the quiet action. This is significant, with many mid-priced bikes getting complaints for squeaks or rattles. You will be able to work out in front of the TV no problem.

Some quality complaints popped up. One user had issues with a pedal coming loose, and another one something about rubber on the flywheel. Dripex have willing customer service, though English is not their first language. It is a long-running brand, and if you do get quality issues, you will be protected by amazon’s easy return quality.

Overall, people were happy with the build quality, resistance, and quiet action.

Wrapping Up: Is the Dripex Magnetic Home Bike Right for You?

This type of bike is a real step up from the squeaky budget models from unknown brands that seem to be everywhere these days. It is right for anyone that knows they enjoy biking, and wants a quiet, solid machine that will last for years. If you are after something app-compatible, with Bluetooth tech, then I’d suggest this popular model from Nero Sports instead.

Dripex bikes certainly look the part. This model is versatile enough to work for users of all sizes and can be used as a studio bike (for intense cardio) or as a sit-down model.

Check out the latest feedback from buyers, along with the full picture gallery (and even a training guide), over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!


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