DKN Studio 9000 Multi-Gym Review

DKN Studio 9000 Multi-Gym

Summary: The DKN Studio 9000 Multi-Gym offers a flexible home setup for those who want to increase both strength and muscle tone – at a mid-budget price. This latest multi-gym from DKN Studio is made of heavy-duty tubular steel, making it solid and sturdy. The range of exercises you can enjoy on this multi-gym include chest presses, flys, lateral pull downs, quads, bicep curls and more. There are 20 different exercises in total, making sure all the major muscle groups are covered. At the price, this is a great setup – all the weights are included. DKN have built a great reputation over the years, with home gyms that last and solid after-sales service.

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DKN Studio 9000 Multi Gym
Double pulley system providing max load between 78kg (172lbs) on flys to 165kg (363.7lbs) for quads… more

Detailed Review of the DKN Studio 9000 Multi-Gym

This multi-gym is a solid piece of equipment. At just 75kgs, its surprisingly transportable, despite the heavy-duty tubular steel frame. The setup is just over two metres high (208 cm), has a length 183cm and a width of 97cm. With those dimensions, this multi-gym seems an ideal fit for the corner of a garage, or if you’re lucky enough, a dedicated workout room.

The Studio 9000 can quickly be adjusted to suit different sized users. The seat is adjustable, as are the back rest and the chest press. Being adjustable, this will ensure that you are able to exercise with the correct posture for you. Anyone experienced with strength training will know the importance of posture for both results and reduction in strains / injuries.

Obviously, you also want to be comfortable when working out and the three adjustable settings will guarantee a smooth ride. The DKN Studio 9000 Multi-Gym features a double-pulley system, ensuring sizable maximum loads. For flys, the max load is 78kg (172lbs) and for quads this increases to an impressive 165kg (363.7lbs). This home gym features a low-friction cable system, which ensures it is easier on the ear, as well as more accurate in terms of the weights you are pulling (you’re not pulling both weights and the added friction).

Exercises on the DKN Studio 9000 Multi-Gym

Muscles DKN Multi GymsThe Studio 9000 gym gives you 20 exercises, including the following key workouts:

  • Narrow chest presses
  • Wide chest presses
  • Leg kicks (in and outer – an ankle strap is included within the equipment)
  • Lateral pull down
  • Low pulley row
  • Flys
  • Bicep Curls
  • Triceps
  • Quads
  • Abs

You also have the option of purchasing an additional leg-press bolt on module (which is sold separately).

Construction, Setup and Delivery

You receive delivery of the DKN Studio 9000 Multi-Gym in four separate boxes. The total weight of the delivery is 173kg. This seems to have confused some of the reviewers, as the weight of the multi-gym is just 75 kgs. This is because you take delivery of the weights as well as the equipment (you can take the weights off to transport the machine). Full step by step instructions of the construction of the unit are supplied, as well as a user manual to ensure you get the most out of the equipment.

Feedback: What the Buyers of the DKN Studio 9000 Multi-Gym Said?

The majority of reviews give the equipment the full five stars. There was what could be considered the usual gripes about construction time. One user said it took two people the best part of a day to put it together. However, this was countered by another user who started that with a bit of patience you can have all of the equipment in place within 4 hours. The same user was impressed that the nuts and bolts came in blister packs for each different stage – a much better idea than sorting through each and every set of fixings at the start.

Another gripe was that the equipment might not be ideal for people over 6 foot. This might simply be a case of not taking full advantage of the different settings on the multi-gym, although it should be taken into account. Overall, reviewers are satisfied with the equipment – it is well constructed, and there was no sign of any frayed cables or loss of tension on the pulleys.

Wrapping Up: Is the DKN Studio 9000 Multi-Gym Right for You?

DKN Fitness LogoIf you’re looking at flexible strength and conditioning exercise in the comfort of your own home, the DKN Studio 9000 Multi-Gym is a sold choice. That tubular steel frame gives the equipment a sturdy base, while the multi-gym is surprisingly transportable. Enjoy many of the exercises you can perform at the gym, for that full body workout. What I like best about this setup is that the stack / pulley system will keep you working as your strength increases.

The max load for flys at 78kg and for quads at 165kg might be the clincher. The average new user will be able to gradually build the loads, and they won’t be hitting those limits for a long while.

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