DKN Cable Crossover Functional Trainer Review

DNK Cable Crossover

Update: This items is listed as not available. As usual I will keep an eye (monthly) and come back to update the pages where equipment reappears. In the meantime, check out the home multi-gyms listed below!

Summary: Multi-functional gym with system of pulleys allowing for upper and lower body workouts based around a central weight stack. Will save you needing to buy a lot of separate equipment – great DKN design too. See

Detailed Review of the DKN Cable Crossover Functional Trainer

The DKN Cable Crossover Functional Trainer is an extremely versatile all-in-one home gym.

There are 6 pulleys, in pairs, and located at the bottom, middle and top sections of the equipment. These then provide a workout for various parts of your body, for example, the lower pulleys could be used to train your legs, hips and thighs, the middle pulleys for your abs, back and chest and the top pair of pulleys for arms and shoulders. These pulleys are independent from each other, though connected to a central weight stack.

With all this functionality, you will be surprised to find that this equipment only requires minimal footprint, 180cm (70.8”) by 150cm (59”).

This is not the cheapest gym on the market, though if you compare the number of options you are getting and savings from not having to buy more kit, then you’ll quickly see that this is great value.