DKN AiRun I Treadmill

Airun treadmill from DKN

Summary: This treadmill looks amazing compared to the many ‘clones’ out there. The technology is different too, with app integration and an automatic incline adjustment. Top end gear at a mid range price (when you include the discount especially, see the product page for details).

Update: The Ai Run has been replaced with the best-selling EzRUN – check out the amazing spec for the price!

DKN EzRun Treadmill
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Detailed Review of the DKN AiRun I Treadmill

This is a distinctive looking machine that has great feedback for both ease of use and the sleek black futuristic appearance. The console allows interaction with an iPhone or Android phone so you can use the DKN apps to track your runs and to share your progress.

Performance wise, the treadmill holds up really well. There is plenty of space to run on the belt, and it only makes a small amount of noise which you can’t really hear above your feet pounding the belt. The only thing I didn’t like was the lack of cushioned handle grips. Otherwise, the fact that the belt speed can progress steadily up to 20 kph (more than enough for most of us!) and the reliable performance more than make up for this.

Shock Absorbing Running Surface

The shock absorption is  strong point for the AiRun. Pushing a button and automatically moving the incline up is smooth, and the console controls speed transition well. This way you can combine your own challenging programmes with slow uphill and fast flat level runs for a great cardio workout that burns a lot of calories.

Wrap Up:

It might sound like a cliche, though this really could be the right treadmill for both beginners and experienced runners together – the app integration for me is the icing on the cake.

Check out the impressive DKN AiRun I for yourself now!

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