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This model is no longer available.

You’ll find a best-selling alternative, with the same features at a super-keen price in the form of the TriSport 3D Pedometer.

Here is my detailed review – alternatively, check out the gallery, features and feedback from buyers on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page!

Realalt 3DTriSport 3D Pedometer, Accurate Step Counter with Clip and Strap (Grey)
Track your Daily Activity with Superb Accuracy. Records your Steps (Walking & Running), Distance (Km & Miles), Calories Burned and Exercise Time…. more

Summary: If you love walking yourself fit, and do not see the need to splash out on a more complex fitness tracker (FitBit for example), then this pedometer could be ideal. It tracks your distance walked, calories burned and steps, has an easy to use interface, and will not break the bank. The CSX Walking 3D was a hit with those who bought it, check the reviews on the dedciated amazon.co.uk product page for yourself now and see!

Detailed Review of the CSX Walking 3D Pedometer

The CSX Walking 3D brings precision and accuracy to your fitness tracking – at a budget price!

The CSX Walking 3D has been expertly designed to give accurate feedback on your workout. If you take your fitness goals seriously and you’re looking for a piece of equipment that can give you reliable data while you’re walking, this model is for you.

It uses Tri Axis sensor technology to ensure an accurate step count, something you can’t always trust pendulum-based systems to do. This also means you can wear this on your hip, your leg, in a bag or even in your pocket, wherever is most convenient. The CSX walking 3D is lightweight and clips on easily for comfort. You’ll hardly know you’re wearing it.

What Is Counted?

It continuously monitors you step count, calories consumed and distance covered. All you need to do is program in your stride length and weight to sure all readings are correct. Both metric and imperial units are accepted and the tracking features and 7 day memory lets you set fitness targets and monitor your progress with ease. It will even beep to tell you when you’ve achieved your daily target.

CSX is a trusted brand in fitness equipment and the CSX Walking 3D is very affordable compared to other models, despite it’s advanced features. It even comes with a 56 page Ebook called ‘Walk Yourself Fitter’ which makes this a great starter piece if you’re new to walking.

Buyer Feedback for the CSX 3D Pedometer

Feedback for the CSX Walking 3D has been broadly positive. Most people found it lightweight and easy to clip on. Where there were some problems was with the display. Some found it a little small and scrolling through the different features is a little cumbersome. The CSX Walking 3D does come with detailed instructions and CSX customer services have been responsive when solving problems.

Whether you’ve been fitness walking for a while or just starting out, the CSX Walking 3D will help you get the most out of it by giving you the data you need to improve.

Check the latest discount and user feedback for yourself now on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page

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