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CSX Dual Ab Roller Exercise Wheel with Knee Pad Review - Fitness Review

CSX Dual Ab Roller Exercise Wheel with Knee Pad Review

CXS Ab roller review

Update: The original wheel featured here disappeared… The best seller is now this wheel from Bodymate. It comes with a knee pad included – and has a lot of positive feedback.

Summary: The CSX Dual Ab Roller is on the best seller list in it’s category and has hugely positive feedback. This compact machine gives you a lot of options for abs, shoulders, back and arms in one budget priced unit. You’ll also get knee pads with this one! Check out the small but welcome discount, and glowing reviews from previous buyers for yourself on the amazon.co.uk dedicated product page now.

BODYMATE Classic Black AB Roller, abdominal trainer to strengthen the core muscles, home fitness device, including knee pad, 28 x 16 cm (L x Ø)
ALL-ROUNDER FOR UPPER BODY WORKOUT: The AB roller enables efficient training of the entire upper body focusing on the abdominal muscles, back, arms and shoulder. This strengthens the core, builds up muscles and increases stability….. more

Detailed Review of the CSX Dual Ab Roller

What you’ll receive looks like a pole with wheels attached (2 sets in this case). The idea is that you roll it along the floor, using your own strength to stop it running away – and then pull it back again. For me the beauty is in the simplicity of the idea. You’ll certainly feel the effects, making it important to start slowly and build up. In addition to the key abs / core strengthening function, you’ll find effects on your arms, shoulders and back too.

You’ll get an e-book (pdf document) which explains the different exercises along with the roller.

Construction is a mix of durable plastic and metal – there are foam hand grips either side for comfort. With the CSX roller you also get knee pads, which other rollers require you to buy separately. These are important, since most of the exercises work based on the leverage from your knees up. Some people also buy a foam mat (which can be used for all floor exercises as well as with this abs roller).

Buyer Feedback on the CSX Ab Roller

The feedback for this ab roller is hugely positive. This is not just a few people commenting, at the time of writing there are already more than 300 comments, the vast majority of which are 4 or 5 stars. One word which stands out is ‘quality’ (as in good quality!). Many reviewers compare the CSX roller with other cheaper versions very favourably. Assembly, which often causes negative reviews, is noted as very easy. Importantly, a large number of the commenters mention that they have seen a big difference in their core very quickly after using this machine.


A small but effective abs machine which will also tone your core, back and shoulders. The CSX Ab roller is a best seller with some very positive feedback. With kneepads included, you’ll be good to go from day 1. Check out the full gallery, discount and user feedback in the dedicated product page at amazon.co.uk now!


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