Could Group Rowing Classes be Coming to the UK Soon?

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An innovated New York based company – CityRow – has come up with a group training class based on Rowing Machines. This has been widely reported in the mainstream press all around the world, and it definitely looks good enough to share.

Group classes using exercise equipment have been largely restricted to Spinning, which is the group exercise bike workout system. Even this is a fairly recent innovation, with solo biking exercise a lot more common even today.

As soon as you think about it, rowing seems like an ideal sport for a group session. It has the advantages of giving a through cardio workout, and you can vary the intensity, resistance and speed at which you row enough to make synchronizing with a group a lot of fun.

With any fitness activity, motivation is the key personal element. Sure, most of us can get motivated to do some exercise. It is that little extra ‘push’ that really gets us fit that is hard to achieve when you are rowing alone at home. The advantage of working in a group, and keeping up with the instructions of a trainer must be huge.

When Will This Come to the UK?

I was not able to find any classes for group rowing in the UK as this article was published. With the announcement that these classes have proven popular in New York, I fully expect some entrepreneurs are already in the process of setting up their own class! You will find out right here at Fitness Review as soon as something comes up.

In the meantime, why not invest in a rowing machine for your home. You can get a really good model with variable resistance and an on-board computer in the $150 to £225 range, and you’ll be in great shape ready for when those amazing looking group rowing machine workout classes hit the UK!

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