Confidence Power Plus Motorised Treadmill

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Summary: This solid and basic home treadmill in the Confidence fitness range which goes up to 10km / hr max (fine for most people, though keen runners should try a model which offers up to 12km /hr). This has been a popular model over the years with a lot of postive user feedback. At the time of writing there is a very large healthy discount on this model – bringing from mid-range into the budget / bargain category, see the product page at for more.

Detailed Review of the Confidence Power Plus Motorised Treadmill

The Power plus treadmill from Confidence is strong and reliable. After unpacking and assembling it, which is incredibly easy and took 5 minutes, you’ll be ready to workout. The machine runs very quietly which is very appreciated. The treadmill speed works well and moves in increments up to the max speed of 10km an hour. The Power plus provides a good workout session to slowly build your stamina as you advance through the challenging program speeds.

While both durabale and sturdy, the motor shuts off after 30 minutes but this isn’t much of an issue because a 30 minute workout is more than enough for me and most other people. The platform feels strong beneath your feet and is capable of supporting more than 100kg. I imagine it will still perform well for users at the maximum weight of 120kg. The console panel is quite small and could be designed better and larger. It displays okay though and shows the important things you want to know such as distance travelled, speed and calories burned.

The lack of incline is made up for in the solid build and reliability.

Feedback from Current Owners of the Power Plus Treadmill

Feedback has been mixed, though for a treadmill in the budget price bracket this is still above average (overall 4-stars). Unusually, there are very few complaints about the process of putting the machine together. The quality of the build is praised by some users and questioned by others, though one thing that  the majority of owners seem to agree on is that the customer services department are very good. This is certainly not the type of glowing feedback I have seen for other models, having said that there are plenty of 5 star ratings from users who appear to be very happy with their purchase.

You can see the latest feedback, and check whether that huge discount is still in place over on the product page – check it out now!

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