Confidence Fitness Ultra 200 Treadmill Review

Confidence Fitness Ultra 200 Treadmill Detailed Review

Summary: Unlike most budget models, the Confidence Fitness Ultra 200 treadmill comes with a long list of extras. At this price point, you normally won’t get speakers, a tablet / phone stand and touch-sensitive control panel. Confidence Fitness are a long-running brand in the budget space. Despite the occasional grumble from people that hate assembling their equipment, the reviews are positive. This is a beginner treadmill, with a top speed of 10km / hour. It has 12 pre-set programmes, a safety key, incline and includes a hard rate sensor.

I like the style of this budget model. Check the gallery and read the latest feedback from users now, over on the dedicated Ultra 200 Treadmill page at

Confidence Fitness Ultra 200 Treadmill Electric Motorised Running Machine Silver/Black
Incline, a tablet holder and fold-away mechanism make this budget treadmill another hit from the reliable Confidence Fitness…. more

Detailed Review of the Confidence Fitness Ultra 200 Treadmill

Confidence Fitness designed the Ultra 200 with space-saving in mind. It folds almost upright, perfect for storage between uses. The compact size works for users up to 110kgs (that is over 17 stone). It is 127cms long by 61cm wide and 70cms tall.

As well as the fold-up option, you get wheels at the front. This lets you tip it up and wheel it into place. There are three incline levels. You need to adjust them manually. If you have not used incline on your treadmill before, it does add variety to your workouts and is well worth having.

The Ultra 200 is powered by a 1HP engine. That is plenty enough for a smooth run. It plugs into the mains, with a safety key system to stop it rapidly if you step off or trip.

You get a 12-month warranty from Confidence Fitness.

Confidence Ultra 200 Console

Touch Screen Monitor

At the budget level it is rare to get one touch controls. The electronic display is basic, though it covers all the key stats. Speed, time, distance, calories burned, and your heart rate are all displayed in turn. You can choose whether you ‘go manual,’ or use one of 12 pre-set programmes. These will keep you challenged, especially when you mix with the manual incline.

Ultra 200 Treadmill from Confidence Fitness: Welcome Extras

There are welcome extras which you won’t get with other budget level treadmills. They include tablet holder and built-in speakers. This lets you set up your own phone or tablet to use while you run. By using the speakers your show or music won’t be drowned out by the running sounds.

You also get a drink bottle holder, fold up mechanism and those three levels of manual incline.

Buyer Feedback: Is the Confidence Fitness Ultra 200 Treadmill Any Good?

Folded Up Ultra 200I got a sense of surprise from feedback comments at retail outlets for the Ultra 200. People were happily surprised to get a decent treadmill for the lower price point. It is as if people expected a lower quality no-brand model and liked what they got from Confidence Fitness.

As commenters noted, this is a smaller treadmill. The assembly always trips a few people up. It is minimal compared with some equipment. Don’t be like the furious buyer who ranted all the way through a one-star review… if you really don’t want to do this there is an expert assembly option available, or you could ask a friend / family member.

Overall, this model is considered a bargain, especially when you consider the incline and extra features. Make sure you do check the latest comments, things change fast in the world of home fitness equipment.

Wrapping Up: Is the Confidence Fitness Ultra 200 Treadmill Right for You?

I’d say this model ticks all the right boxes for beginners or light users of home treadmills. It is a budget level machine, which has several features associated with more pricey models. They include a fold-up mechanism, speakers, and touch-screen controls.

With a 10km / hour top speed, the Ultra 200 is not for the super-fit or regular runners. While the incline helps, this is for runs and light jogs to burn calories and boost your cardio fitness.

Confidence Fitness have been around for years. They know the budget market well, and produce equipment which works well, without breaking the bank.

Check out the impressive picture gallery now, on the official Ultra 200 page on the Confidence Fitness store!


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