Confidence Fitness Power Walker Review

Update: Confidence Fitness have this model marked unavailable for a while now. A great alternative, which is good for both walking and light running is the Confidence Ultra 200. This has all the features you’ll see listed below, with a somewhat higher top speed.

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Summary: This treadmill only goes up to 6km / hour – making it a dedicated walking machine, not a running one. This is ideal for those seeking gentle exercise with professionally created kit. Feedback from users points to a mix of older users and those looking for a gentle introduction to getting fit at home. Feedback has been very positive.There is an on-board computer, safety kill-switch and a solid base. Confidence fitness specialize in budget fitness equipment, the power walker is a well priced solid walking treadmill – check out that user feedback on the product page over at for more.

Detailed Review of the Confidence Fitness Power Walker

The confidence fitness power walker is ideal for those looking to add some light-moderate exercise in their life. You get a great looking small treadmill, which can be folded away after use. There is a digital display which tracks your distance and calories burned, as well as allowing you to access preset walks. The top speed of 6 km / hour means that you will be able to get to a brisk walking pace – though this machine is not aimed at those wishing to run. (as a side note, if you want a treadmill from confidence fitness which is suitable for running, the GTR Power Pro is worth a look!)

Many of the buyers providing feedback for this treadmill were in the older age group. The Confidence fitness power walker would also be ideal for those just starting out on their journey to fitness. Kicking off with some gentle exercise could see the ‘confidence’ in the name of this treadmill come to you – with bigger steps possible (and more adventurous home fitness equipment bought!) once you have reached a good initial level of fitness.

The fact that this machine folds away is a big plus – treadmills have a habit of taking up a lot of space when they do not have a hinge. Combined with the smaller size of the Power Walker, you might well be able to put it into a cupboard. Another plus reported in the feedback left by previous buyers is that it was easy to put together.

Comments from Previous Buyers

One comment which appears a lot in the user feedback is ‘value for money‘. Keep in mind that this is a budget range treadmill, so those pro-extras like heart rate monitors, fans and mobile phone compatibility are not included. Many people who left feedback obviously felt that they had got excellent value for the price paid.

As a quick word of warning, one commenter left a 2 star rating… since her Staffie (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) did not like the machine!

If you are after a walking treadmill, I think this once has the right balance of features, price and quality. Unless you do own a hard-to-please Staffie, check out the product page over at for yourself now!

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