CitySports Under Desk Treadmill Review

CitySports Under Desk Treadmill

Summary: The CitySports Under Desk Treadmill has solved two of the biggest issues that flat treadmills overlook. First, this treadmill will not always be in the way. You can get it in and out from under your desk, and store is (almost!) upright against a wall. Second, a big display, angled on the top part of this machine combines with a remote control for easy use. Walking while working is now popular enough that you have competing quality products. CitySport is a popular pick – combining a solid under desk walking treadmill with reasonable price.

You’ll see from the comments from previous buyers that this is a popular machine. Check out the close-up pictures and check the spec and price over on this dedicated product page now!

Detailed Review of the CitySports Folding Under Desk Treadmill

Many under desk treadmills suffer from being in the way. This model from CitySports solves this with a lightweight design and wheels. Once out from under your desk, you can store it almost upright. While walking and working is a plus – the flexibility to quickly switch between sitting and standing / walking is an even bigger one.

This desk treadmill weighs in at 26.2kgs. It is 147cms long, 59cms wide and 15cms high at the top point (the front section, which has the LED display and motor).

It is designed for walking – with a top speed of 6km / hour a light jog for most of us. This treadmill is also designed as a low noise machine. If you use a regular running treadmill, you will quickly realise that this is important. The max user weight advised is 100kgs (that is 15 stone 7 in old money). Keep in mind that manufacturers are naturally cautious with their weight advice.

Console, Operation and Small Extra Features

Most treadmills have a large raised console containing both the display and the control panel. Obviously and under desk walking treadmill is flat.

CitySports have overcome the display issue with a clever solution. You will see a long band sloping from the raised front part to the walking surface. This is an LED screen, which displays speed, distance and time in big letters – easy to see while you are standing on the treadmill.

The control part is via a simple remote. This has on / off and speed plus / minus. Speeds go up and down in 1km / hour units by clicking the buttons.

You can also check your calories burned on the display. This is an estimate from speed / distance and does not take into account your size or fitness levels. Finally, the walking surface is textured, helping to prevent slips.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the CitySports Walking Desk Treadmill

Feedback CitySports Under DeskAt the time of writing, 85% of people that left feedback gave this desk treadmill 4 or 5 stars (most of them 5 stars). That is already way above average for this type of product. The quality came in for praise, with the quiet motor and general sturdy nature getting multiple mentions.

Balancing this were a couple of people with misaligned belts, who were obviously upset. One 1-star reviewer was upset (and furiously ranting) about getting a 500w motor, when the video stated 400w… Well, that ruined his entire life then!

Overall, the feedback is distinctly positive, with a lot of units sold, there has been more than enough time for any issues to come out of the woodwork.

As always, make sure you check the latest feedback / comments for yourself, things can change quickly.

Wrapping Up: Is the CitySports Under Desk Walking Treadmill Right for You?

This walking treadmill will not get ‘stuck’ under your desk like many models. CitySports has designed it to be easy to move in and out, and stands up for storage. It is ideal if you like the ideal of walking while you work – though do not want to do it all the time.

With a quiet motor, big display, and remote control – this desk treadmill has everything you need for easy operation. It has a 500w motor, and top speed of 6km / hour. This makes it walking-only, as at least 10km / hour is standard for running machines.

A decent price for a sturdy desk treadmill – and feedback which is hugely positive – means this machine ticks all of the right boxes.

Check the latest price and see the close-up pictures now over on this dedicated product page.

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