Cheap App Compatible Fitness Tracker

Cheap App Compatible Fitness Tracker

Summary: This app compatible cheap fitness tracker from Letscom ticks all the right boxes – and has a super-low price tag. It has a colour screen, links to your iPhone or Android smartphone (via an app) and even includes sleep monitoring. You get a choice of designs too. These days, fitness trackers are a commodity – and this one does everything you’d expect from a FitBit at a fraction of the price.

UPDATE: I’m replacing the Letscom tracker with the popular (and long running) Tenmice one. Like many of these ‘no brand’ items, Letscom disappeared *poof* into thin air. On the plus side, Tenmices’ tracker, while also a cheap knock-off style device, has accumulated a lot of positive feedback – for the price point, you can’t go wrong!

Feedback from buyers of these watches has been massively positive over 1000’s of comments. The common comment is that it does a solid job, at a cheap price.

You can see the different colours and close-ups of the features – along with the latest price – over on this dedicated product page, check it out now!

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Detailed Review of the LETSCOM IP68 App Compatible Cheap Fitness Tracker

With a narrow screen and slim bracelet, the Letscom fitness trackers won’t weigh down your wrist. The strap is adjustable, with a distinctive textured surface. The screen is a rectangle, with a colour display. As well as the lightweight bracelet version, there is a model which looks more like an Apple Watch – this is only a little more expensive if you prefer that design.

The design is waterproof, and the lithium Ion battery is included.

Black is the most popular colour, though there are some options:

  • Light Purple
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green (looks more turquoise for me)

Sport Tracking Functions

Functions Letscom Fitness WatchThis cheap fitness tracker has you covered for multiple sports. It tracks the basics, then overlays 14 different modes to cover individual sports / activities. The basics are GPS connectivity to track steps, distance, calories, how long you are active for (hourly activity and total) and your sleep status. It also shows your heart rate.

On top of this the modes have you covered for: Fitness (cardio workouts), basketball, badminton, tennis, football, climbing (mountaineering), spin bike sessions, treadmill running, hiking, yoga and even dancing.

Cheap App Compatible Fitness Trackers from Letscom: Connecting with Your Phone

An app is available for both Android phones and iPhones from the app stores. Once you download VeryFitPro you will be able to keep track of everything through your smartphone screen. This gives you the ability to track data over time – hopefully to show your improvement!

The connection with your phone works the other way around too. Your fitness tracker will alert you for incoming calls, messages and mails. This works with the popular social media sites and messengers too.

Add in an alarm clock and the ability to both track and analyse the quality of your sleep, and you have an all-round smart watch for a low price. I should note that you charge this Letscom watch via a USB cable.

Feedback: What Did Buyers of These Cheap Fitness Trackers from Letscom Say?

Not only does this cheap fitness watch have hugely positive feedback – this has been maintained over 1000’s of people. The theme that runs through a ton of comments is that it is every bit as good as the ‘big name’ models – at a fraction of the price. The sheer amount of functions got a lot of individual praise. Some people bought them for other people after trying one themselves.

There were a few gripes about the strap breaking. These can be replaced cheaply if yours does break, with some stylish and individual options available! One or two people had trouble linking with the app, though this gave the appearance (to me at least) of being people who were neither young or tech savvy.

Overall, it is rare to see a lower priced version of a fitness tracker with feedback this positive. Make sure you read it for yourself before buying.

Wrapping Up: Letscom Cheap App Compatible Fitness Trackers – Are They Right for You?

Copies of major brand fitness trackers don’t get much better than this. At the price point, you get a ton of functions. The basics (calories, distance, heart rate and so on) are all tracked well. Add to this the sports modes, sleep and compatibility with your other apps for alerts, and you have an all-round fitness watch at a fraction of the price of those big brand items.

Often, fitness equipment appeals to individual demographics. I can confidently say that these Letscom watches will appeal to the entire family.

Check out the colours, close-up gallery and the latest feedback for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.


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