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BodyRip Superior Crossover Cable Home Gym Machine Reviewed - Fitness Review

BodyRip Superior Crossover Cable Home Gym Machine Reviewed

BodyRip Pro Crossover Cable Gym

Summary: For a solid and versatile piece of kit, the BodyRip Superior Crossover Gym Machine is best of breed. This model comes with 180kg weight stacks included, plenty enough for even the strongest users. While crossover equipment looks simple compared to the complex mesh of the better multi gyms – you’ll find every muscle group is covered. For total body conditioning and a safe, sturdy setup, the BodyRip Superior is a clear choice.

Check out the feedback (and compare it to other home gym setups). You’ll quickly see that users of the BodyRip Crossover Machine are delighted with their purchase.

You can check the feedback and see the full gallery and accessories list over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Detailed Review of the BodyRip Power Cable Crossover Machine

You’ll get two towers, each with 90kg weight stacks and joined by a sturdy bar. The design means that the weight stacks keep the machine solid with wider metal bars at the bottom of each tower stopping any wobble. This frame is both wide and tall, plenty sturdy enough to provide a powerful workout.

Assembly is required. There were a few gripes about the ‘exploding graphics’ of the assembly instructions in the comments. Overall, this does not seem to have been too big of a challenge.

Heavy gauge steel is used in the construction, along with high-quality pulley systems. As you’d expect from a brand like BodyRip, the engineering is top-class.

Exercises and Muscle Groups

The twin cable system (combined with the pull up bar) replaces a long list of separate home gym equipment. Here are just some of the exercises / muscle groups which are covered by this crossover training machine:

  • Lunges (Forward, Reverse, Lateral)
  • Front Squat
  • Step-Up
  • Single Arm Chest Press
  • 1 Arm Shoulder Press
  • Single Arm Cable Row
  • Single Arm Cable Pull Down (half kneeling)
  • Anti-Rotation (core) Press
  • Side Plank Cable Row

There are plenty more exercises, many of which use the range of attachments you’ll get with this crossover trainer. BodyRip claim you will build muscle as well as strength – while promoting your cardiovascular health.

Feedback: What Owners of the BodyRip Crossover Gym Said?

Hugely positive feedback for this home gym, almost to the point of being glowing. I always like to search for negative feedback and provide a balanced view via this. There really is none for this, with only someone missing a box somewhat (and justifiably) upset.

One word which appeared again and again in the feedback from previous buyers was ‘sturdy’. This came along with synonyms like solid, and ‘quality piece of kit’. As mentioned above, assembly is needed – though the feedback on this was better than for many smaller / more straightforward pieces of equipment.

Those huge combined 180kg weight stacks also proved to be a popular addition.

Do make sure you check the latest feedback from previous users before you buy. These often provide a big contrast to the blurb provided by the manufacturer.

Wrapping Up: Is the BodyRip Superior Crossover Gym Machine Right for You?

For a solid workout, crossover gyms are slowly replacing those overly complex (and expensive) home multi-gyms. The big benefit is giving you so many different workouts from a relatively simple setup. Those attachments will cover your arms / upper body, legs and core with ease. Add to this the 180KG weight stack, and your potential to tone, strengthen and build muscle is unlimited.

It is the feedback of this BodyRip model which really catches the eye. To say that owners are pleased with their purchase might be a little bit of an understatement.

Check out that feedback, along with the latest price, over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!

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