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BodyMax Mini Trampoline Review - Fitness Review

BodyMax Mini Trampoline Review

Best Mini Trampoline

Summary: If you thought trampolines were just for kids, then the BodyMax mini-trampoline will set the record straight after just one workout. Trampolines are becoming popular for both indoor and outdoor use. You’ll get a vigorous cardio workout, and using them can be a lot of fun at the same time! The BodyMax mini is a full 40 inches (bigger than rivals), sturdy, and has a padded surround for extra safety. Feedback from buyers has been very positive for this unit – and, yes, many people were surprised at the intensity of the workout that is possible on it. Check out this dedicated product page at amazon.co.uk for the full spec.

Detailed Review of the BodyMax Mini Trampoline

You’ll get a single box with your trampoline. This is not too heavy, weighing in at 8kgs. You might find this bulky – as the main section of this unit is a single piece. All you need to do in order to get up and running is screw in the legs, 5 minutes max for most people. Those legs do fold away for easy storage between sessions.

This unit is up to 4 inches wider than the equivalent models from rivals. There are some safety features which are worth noting. Firstly, the springs are covered by a vinyl border. This is for added safety should one break through the surface (which is not a common occurrence anyway). In addition you get a padded surround, so if you do miss time a jump or fall over, then you will not be landing on a metal surround. There is no safety net with the mini-trampoline models, for these you need to look at the larger garden type trampolines.

You’ll be surprised at the number of different exercises that are possible once you get into using your BodyMax mini. There is a beginners type guide to the basics of trampolining exercise here at FitnessReview.co.uk – check out this article for more.

What Buyers Said About the BodyMax Mini-Trampoline

One thing I noticed immediately with the comments about this unit at amazon.co.uk is that most are 4 and 5 stars. Unusually, you get a split between 5 stars and 1 star, with the other 3 ratings having little or no feedback.

I’ll cover the 1 star ratings first. These come from people with faulty units, and those who suffered from sagging canvas. I was not able to see a resolution of these issues (to be fair these are rare). BodyMax have a good reputation for looking after their customers across their range – so hopefully the units were replaced quickly.

Positives range from ‘sturdy’ to ‘wonderful’, with a lot of people impressed with what they received for the price. If you had any personal lingering doubts about how much of a cardio workout a mini-trampoline can offer you, then I recommend you read these comments. A lot of people were surprised just how good a cardio workout a trampoline can get you.

Wrap Up / Next Steps

Whether you are after a trampoline for yourself, the family of both – this BodyMax mini trampoline fits the bill. It comes from a respected ‘name’ in the fitness industry, has built in safety features that rival models lack – and has excellent feedback from people who have bought one before.

Check out this dedicated product page over at amazon.co.uk to get a close-up view, and to check out those comments.

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