Bodymax Infiniti R200 Commercial Super Rowing Machine

Infiniti Rower

Summary: A commercial quality rowing machine, at a price that is within the reach of many home fitness enthusiasts (especially when you take the amazon discount into account, see this product page for info). This rower looks fantastic, and uses air resistance technology to ensure a smooth ride. If you have an eye for quality, this could be the rowing machine for you.

Detailed Review of the Bodymax Infiniti R200 Rowing Machine

The quality of this product is apparent from the moment you get it out of the box. Everything fits together like a glove and the machine looks fantastic on completion. This is commercial gym standard, though priced keenly enough (especially with the amazon discount) to appeal to home fitness enthusiasts too. This has multi-user capability built in – with the possibility of preset programs and tracking for up to 5 people via the console. There are 42 workout programs, some of which are pluse controlled (they adapt to your pulse rate as you row). These include a ‘race’ program, which sounds like a lot of run.

Tall people sometimes struggle with rowers, but the Infiniti R200 is more than capable of delivering a comfortable row to any sized user. There is a 150kg top user weight (thats almost 23 stone in real money!). The resistance is delivered via air. However this is the best method at delivering smooth levels of resistance during your workout – especially once you get to ‘gym level’. Cheaper models use magnetic resistance, while the top end ’boutique’ style rowing machines make use of water resistance instead.

There are only 2 comments left by buyers (at the time of writing). These both give 5-star ratings and glowing reviews. One of them sums it up nicely that ‘if you are prepared to spend the money, this rower is well worth considering’. Quietness, build quality (both mention that this is a big machine) and the monitors / Polar compatibility also get a mention.

The R200 is in a class of its own when it comes to the on-board computer. The resistance can be modified from there, if you have heart rate monitor the console is capable of targeting three different zones and the 42 in built programs cover everything you could as for and then some.

You can check out the latest discount, full spec and user feedback for yourself on the product page at – do it now!


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