Bodymax Infiniti R100 Super Rowing Machine Review

BodyMax R100

Summary: This is a higher end rowing machine. It has a pro build, and some extra features including wireless heart-rate transmission and programs which are controlled by your pulse. There are 42 programs, including a ‘race mode’. This rowing machine folds away. The discount is huge for this item (with my usual ‘at the time of writing’ note of course!), for those who enjoy rowing the Infiniti R100 from Bodymax is a serious piece of kit for a fair mid-range price. Check out latest discount and the (very positive) customer feedback on the product page here.

Detailed Review of the Infiniti R100 Rowing Machine from Bodymax

A sophisticated rowing machine designed to deliver a high quality workout for people at any level of fitness.

The Bodymax Infiniti has a strong frame that can support up to 150kg, ergonomically designed handles for comfortable use and is long enough to ensure full stroke range even for tall people. A state of the art, auto-controlled, magnetic air resistance system lets you find the level of intensity that’s right for you. Most importantly the machine looks great in any room, is compact, lightweight and folds for easier storage.

What helps the Bodymax Infiniti deliver a better workout than other models is the on-board computer. There are 42 exercise programs, including 4 pulse-controlled programs and one race program. If you’re looking to really fine tune your workout you can take things further and set a target heart beat. The resistance will then automatically change to keep you in range of your target. This is more features than you’ll find on many other rowing machines.

The Bodymax Infiniti is a top of the range unit and the higher price tag is justified by the durability of the machine. If you’re serious about getting fit and plan to row multiple times per week, you’ll find this machine has been engineered to last and designed to be comfortable. The Bodymax range of exercise machines have a great reputation in the industry.

Reviews of the Bodymax Infiniti have been very positive. Ease of assembly and the sturdiness of the machine have both been noted, as has the comfortable seat and handles. While people have been quick to praise the on-board computer for its range of exercise programs there have been some complaints about measurement accuracy and the fact that it doesn’t store data from previous workouts for comparison.

Overall the Bodymax Infiniti R100 Rowing Machine is the ideal choice if you’re planning to row regularly. While using other machines might become quite boring after a while, the variety of workout programs the Bodymax Infiniti offers will give you something new to try each time you row and will constantly push you to work harder. Check it out for yourself at

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