Bodymax CF486 Bi-Angular Trainer Multigym Review

Bodymax Bi Angular

Summary: The BodyMax CF486 Bi-Angular Trainer is a home multigym which comes with a leg press, high and low pulleys and pec-deck – at a very affordable price. For me this one hits the sweet spot between solid build, many options and a great price (50% off of the RRP at the time of writing, including free delivery – see the product page for the latest deal).


Detailed Review of the Bodymax CF486 Multigym

The Bodymax CF486 multigym is a fantastic piece of equipment from a well-respected manufacturer that will help you strengthen, build and tone your whole body through a range of different exercises. The question is, how does this compare to the other options you have for home gym setups?

It’s made from a robust steel design that is built to last and includes a very generous weight stack of 72kg.

With the weight stack and sturdy frame the machine is really heavy, so you should try have at least two people ready for delivery and to help with assembly – getting this right first time will mean the machine will operate smoothly and correctly, which means that the weight resistance is distributed evenly.

The high pulley provides an intense tricep workout, which is very rare within multigyms – it also doubles up as a lat pulldown machine. The low pulley takes care of your lower body including leg curls and extensions.

This machine also incorporates chest exercises including a pec deck. The 360 degree bi-angular handles mean that you can incorporate multiple chest exercises to vary your workouts and train your muscles even harder. The soft cushioned seat and backrest mean you will always be comfortable.

Overall the Bodymax CF486 offers a full body workout, helping you build muscle, increase your overall strength and tone your body to the shape you want it to be.

User Feedback

There is only one comment from a buyer at at the moment – this was 5 stars and the buyer was delighted with the purchase.

Kit out your home gym with this professional commercial quality multigym – at almost 50% off RRP at (at the time of writing) this really is not to be missed. See the impressive gallery and check the latest discount for yourself on the dedicated product page here.

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