Body Solid UK Heavy Duty Press Exerciser Review

Arm Press Body Solid

Summary: Press Exercisers can be an ideal piece of equipment for use in the home, requiring next to no storage space and easily portable, and giving your arms and upper body an intensive workout. This Body Solid UK heavy duty press is one that will last for the long term, while allowing an extensive range of high intensity workouts. This item comes with a nice discount at at the moment, and some solid user feedback too. Check out the product page for more.

BODY-SOLID UK Heavy Duty Press Exerciser (With Storage Bag)
Suitable for All-Round Body Exercises – Perform over 40 different exercises!….. more

Detailed Review of the Body Solid Press Exerciser

This Press Exerciser from Body Solid UK is made from the highest quality materials, ensuring high resistance and is built to deliver strength. The equipment is designed to enhance the development of many muscle groups including biceps, the upper and lower back, buttocks, shoulders and the chest. The low cost heavy duty press has PVC coated steel traction ropes which are fitted with an extra set of revolving grip handles allowing extra comfort during those high exertion workouts.

Built to perform over 40 exercises, this home piece of gym equipment has great versatility. The high grade steel shaft in the centre has built-in strength level meters, ensuring you can track your fitness levels while you workout, while the specially moulded plastic handles ensure non slip grip.

This Body Solid UK Press exerciser is both lightweight and portable and even comes with its own carry bag. Despite the huge discount you’ll find at Amazon, you will find some cheaper alternative press exercisers available, but you are certainly paying for a higher level of quality, this heavy duty item certainly built to last. An exercise wall chart is also included, ensuring that you’ll gain the maximum benefit from the equipment. This makes a nice change up from both Dumbbells and Kettlebells too.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Body Solid Press Exerciser

Reviews of the press are highly complimentary, the vast majority of users awarding the item the maximum 5 stars. Users have stated that it is well made and very straightforward to use and that you’ll see the effects of it within a week or two.  Many users compared it favourably to the classic Bullworker press and one user was particularly impressed – ‘Like others here I bought this having owned an original Bullworker years back. I have to say it meets my high expectations and great value compared to others on the market.’

This Heavy Duty press is ideal for a home workout, being both easily portable and great to store too. This equipment allows a great deal of variety in your workout and the press is certainly built to last.

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