Body Sculpture BE5916 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Body Sculpture BE5916 Elliptical Trainer Review

Summary: The Body Sculpture BE5916 Elliptical trainer uses air resistance. This gives you a smooth workout, with a tension dial to switch up your workout intensity while you use it. This is a budget item. You won’t get anything close to the ellipticals in commercial gyms. It is a compact unit that will get the job done at a reasonable price. Some of the plusses include the 12-month warranty on all of the parts, plus a monitor which can track your workouts – including that all-important estimate of the calories you have burned.

Not too much feedback to go on. What there is at different sites suggests that this is a half-decent small machine which will get the job done. You can read the latest comments – and check out the close-ups in the full picture gallery – over on this dedicated product page.

Body Sculpture BE5916 Dual-Action Air Elliptical Cross-Trainer | 12 Months Warranty | Adjustable Air Resistance | Track Your Progress | More, Black
ADJUSTABLE AIR RESISTANCE: The BE5916 has a manually adjustable tension dial so that as you progress in your fitness journey your elliptical can come along with you. (more…)

Detailed Review of the Body Sculpture BE5916 Air Elliptical Trainer

This dual action air resistance cross trainer is small. It is around 1.5 meters tall at the tip of the handles, 98cms long and 64cms wide. As with almost all ellipticals, you will not be able to fold it away. It does have small wheels at the front to help move it into place. It weighs 22.5 kgs – which keeps things reasonably sturdy when you consider the price range.

Air resistance keeps things predictable. This can be adjusted up and down using a dial. You can see this sticking up at the top / front of the base unit – keeping it within reach so you won’t have to stop for long to change it. That air breaking uses a turbine system, you can see the circular shape of the wheel.

You can choose whether to use the handlebars or not (that is the ‘Dual Action’ in the title). This is common for ellipticals. The pedals have a lined / ridged surface to keep you from slipping, an important addition.

Console to Track Your Elliptical Workout

Console Body SculptureThe monitor reflects the price bracket perfectly. This is as simple as they get, with a single LCD display showing numbers. The best way to use it is to have ‘scan’ on. The console will then switch between the different readouts. You can track calories (this is a guess, since your weight and fitness level would be needed for any accurate number), distance, speed and the time spent working out.

No tablet / smartphone / polar strap integration at this price point!

There are some extras to note, including the soft grip handlebars and dedicated UK helpline for any queries.

Feedback: What Buyers of the Body Sculpture BE5916 Elliptical Trainer Said?

Not too much feedback anywhere on this newer model. What there is gives a solid average of 4 stars, with comments on different platforms saying much the same things. The main message is ‘decent value’. Now, this might not sound like a glowing endorsement – though at the price charged, is not too bad at all.

Some gripes about assembly are common for all fitness equipment. Body Sculpture have a lot of budget level equipment. Feedback for it is usually net positive. There are always people that were expecting a Nordic Track style machine for their £100+ budget who were disappointed. If you know what you are getting (a super budget basic elliptical which gets the job done!), then you will find that the BE5916 ticks all the right boxes.

There may well be more feedback by the time you read this.

Wrapping Up: Is the BE5916 Elliptical From Body Sculpture Right for You?

If you prefer a smaller, budget machine which will do the job without breaking the bank, then the BE5916 is one for the shortlist.

With your expectations set to the right level, this will provide a solid home workout with a wide range of air resistance levels for a price point that other brands don’t come close to. It is not a full-spec commercial style elliptical. They cost 5x as much (or more). This is a small, solid unit aimed squarely at home users that want to burn a few extra calories.

Check out the impressive picture gallery, and check for any new comments from people that already bought one over on this dedicated product page now!

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