Body Sculpture BB800 Aerobics Trampoline Review

Body Sculpture Aerobics Trampoline Review

Summary: This 36-inch Aerobics Trampoline from Body Sculpture is a best seller in it’s category. It ticks all the right boxes for an indoor aerobics session. This is a 36-inch model, it has a foam edge built in for safety, sturdy steel legs and a smart grey and silver design. You will find it easy to remove the legs for storage (or to pop it in the car). Best of all it comes from a known brand. Body Sculpture have been around for years – and offer real customer service you just won’t get with the ‘no name’ type imports.

A lot of positive feedback has come in for this workout trampoline. You can see this, along with the close-up pictures and a video, over on this dedicated product page – check it out now!

Body Sculpture Unisex's BB800F Mini Trampoline/Aerobic Bouncer (36") Fitness, Folding
The Body Sculpture Aerobic Bouncer was designed and built with safety as a focus point. The result of this is a strong and lightweight build with an integral foam edge for your protection…. more

Detailed Review of the Body Sculpture BB800 Aerobics Trampoline

This is exactly the type of trampoline that is used at bounce-exercise style aerobics classes. It is round, 36 inches and weights in at just under 6.5 kilograms.

You get a big bouncing surface, with that familiar Body Sculpture logo in the middle of it. Around the edges is a silver cover. This hides the foam rim. While you are hoping not to need this, it is there to cushion any slips. You will be able to wipe this clean as needed.

BB800 Trampolines have steel frame. This is plenty strong enough to give you the best possible workout without worrying. Best of all, there are 6 legs for a completely stable base. These legs have rubber ends, which will protect your floor. There is no separate handle for this Body Sculpture model.

Workout Trampoline with Multiple Uses

Safety Edge Indoor TrampolineThis model is designed with aerobics in mind. It levels up any aerobic workout, giving your heart and lungs some much needed work. A user found that the max recommended weight is just under 16 stone (100kgs).

While I can’t recommend this trampoline for anything other than its intended (HIIT) purpose, buyers have used it for various things. Someone used it as a launcher for flips / tumbles, and others just for fun bouncing for the family. This model is designed for indoor use. It would get scruffy and eventually rust if you left it outside.

Feedback: What Did Buyers of the BB800 Workout Trampoline from Body Sculpture Say?

It is rare to see any fitness equipment in this price category above 4 stars – especially with a large amount of feedback. What shines though in the feedback on this trampoline is that it gets the job done. There are a long list of people (many are surprised!) that enthusiastically report weight loss and fitness results.

Only a handful of negatives. Someone found the elastic tore, others found this model too small. Keep in mind that Body Sculpture have UK customer service – with support and replacements available quickly and easily.

People found the  limited assembly was easy, and overall found that the quality and price were a great deal for them.

Whichever trampoline you buy – keep in mind that feedback can quickly change. I always recommend checking out the latest feedback, whatever kind of fitness equipment you buy.

Wrapping Up: Is the Body Sculpture BB800 Aerobic Trampoline Right for You?

This model is perfect for anyone looking to add some bounce to their indoor cardio workouts. This will not only boost your heart / lungs, it will burn more calories than a regular cardio session too.

Body Sculpture produce solid, reliable lower and mid priced home fitness equipment. For the price you get reliability that is backed by a UK number and service. This is not an expensive trampoline, though many people leaving comments found that it got the job done perfectly.

Check out those videos, and read the latest feedback for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.

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