Body Fit Hydraulic Rowing Machine Review

Body Fit Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Summary: For home rowing on a budget, the Body Fit Hydraulic rowing machine is a popular pick. This basic machine gets the job done at a super-low price compared to magnetic rowers. At the same time, it is light, easy to move around and store, and comes from a bran with a great reputation in this market segment. The Body Fit Hydraulic rower targets every muscle group. It has 12 levels of tension (resistance) – allowing you to keep adjusting as your fitness improves.

Hugely positive feedback for this basic rowing machine. Many people note that it is ideal for smaller rooms, or for those that want rowers without spending a fortune.

See the full picture gallery – including some excellent close-ups – and check out the latest feedback from buyers for yourself now – over on this dedicated product page.

Body Fit Rowing Machine Rower for Home Use Hydraulic with 12 Resistance Levels Integral Computer

Targeting every major muscle group in your body, it allows you to efficiently tone up and increase your aerobic endurance. (more…)

Detailed Review of the Body Fit Hydraulic Rowing Machine

This model looks different to most home rowing machines. Instead of a chunky end unit and handles on a rope, you get a solid handle which looks like it would belong on an electric scooter. The main rail is angled with foot holders at the bottom with a piston in between.

With an overall length of just 138.5cms, this machine won’t be a space-hog in the same way as magnetic rowing machines can be. It is 42cms wide and 40cms high. Maximum user weight is advised at 100kgs. This is over 15 stone – keep in mind that all fitness equipment makers are ‘conservative’ with their recommendations.

How hard it is to row is controlled via a dial. There are 12 tension levels overall. This gives you a lot of scope to vary your workouts. It also means that the Body Fit Hydraulic rowers are good for people starting with home fitness. You can stick to those lower resistance levels while your fitness improves.

LCD Console Options

An AA battery is included with your purchase. This controls a simple LCD monitor that sits at the top of the handles. This is not the type that connects with apps or shows fancy statistics. Though you will get a functional, simple screen that switches between the key numbers as you row.

The display gives you:

  • Total Stroke Count
  • Time Working Out
  • Number of Calories Burned
  • Strokes Per Minute

No heart rate monitor on this model. However, you can easily tie this in with your exercise routine by adding a smartwatch.

Other small touches to note include 6 wheels under the seat. This gives smooth action as you move up and down the rail. There are also straps on the footplates, and they can be adjusted to hold your feet firmly in place.

Feedback: What Did Owners of the Body Fit Hydraulic Rowing Machine Say About this Product?

Excellent feedback for this home rowing machine. This is especially good for the price range. Many different buyers used phrases like ‘really pleased’ – and went on to give 4- or 5-star reviews. Some assembly is needed, which is always a sticking point for some users. It was noted that this rower is great for those with small rooms.

For the price, it is rare to find so much good feedback from so many sources. Keep in mind that this can change (even for a great brand like Body Fit). Make sure you check the latest comments from buyers, whichever rowing machine you end up buying.

Wrapping Up: Is the Hydraulic Rowing Machine from Body Fit Right for You?

In conclusion, if you have a small space, and don’t want to spend a fortune on a mid-range rowing machine, then this Hydraulic Rower from Body Fit makes an ideal choice. You don’t need to compromise on the effectiveness of the workout you get. While there are no fancy extras on this machine, you get 12 levels of resistance and a smooth ride.

Add in the LCD console to track your sessions (including calories) and comfy seat, and you have a solid choice for home cardio.

A lot of positive feedback from people who already own one too.

Check out the full picture gallery for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.

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