Bluefin Pro Vibration Plate Trainer Review

Bluefin Fitness Pro Vibration Plate Trainer

Summary: With Vibration Plate Trainers, the word ‘Pro’ normally refers to models which have handles with the console on top – and the Bluefin Fitness Pro Vibration Trainer follow this system. Unlike their floor based regular model and 4D enhanced model, this one has a safety bar which means you can stand on it. It comes with 180 intensity levels, and 10 programmes. A nice touch are the built-in speakers, you can play your favourite tunes while you get an intensive workout.

This is another popular model from Bluefin. At the time of writing more than 1000 people have left feedback at amazon alone. This has been hugely positive – with the word ‘value’ appearing over and over.

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Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate | Pro Model | Upgraded Design With Silent Motors | Comes with Built in Speakers
YOU’LL LOVE ALL OF PRO’S FEATURES – Comfortable arm supports, extra lower body action with 360 hip rotation, BMI guide technology, spacious workout platform for squats & more!…. more

Detailed Review of the Bluefin Fitness Pro Model Vibration Plate Trainer

Compared to the flat vibration plate exercisers, this is a big machine. You get a stand which houses the main vibrating platform. This has a safety bar that curves around a support at the back. On top of this sits a console, speakers, and a pulse rate monitor on either side of the safety handle.

There is a feature that you will not get on the flat vibration plates. The centre of the vibration plate turns 360 degrees. It allows you to adjust your position in different ways – taking full advantage of the vibrations. You will see footprints either side on the picture above, These are for the standard ‘feet apart’ workouts.

You get resistance bands which allow for an upper body workout. This pro vibration plate comes with a poster showing the different exercises, plus a manual with even more detail. There is a nutrition guide too.

Console view bluefin pro180 Intensity Levels via an Electronic Console

180 seems like a lot of intensity levels. I’m not convinced that many are needed, or whether I can tell the difference between level 71 and 72 (for example!). That said, it does give you control. You can try different levels for different exercises until you get just the right balance.

The console is bigger than most vibration plates have. It has 4 different displays, which will show all the information at once (as opposed to using a single display and scanning between them). You will see poses for using the machine on the bottom part of this console – tied to the different programmes.

You get a calorie counter, pulse rate plus BMI calculator included.

Big speakers either side of the console can be connected to your phone. They will easily let you turn up the volume to drown out the (admittedly quiet) buzz of the vibrating motor.

Feedback: What Owners Said About the Bluefin Pro Vibration Plate Trainer?

Great feedback for this one on the whole. One person complained about back pain after use, and some others had missing screws, though those were the exceptions out of almost 1000 comments. When you take out the usual low IQ window-lickers that expect home equipment to match their gym’s (multi thousand-pound kit compared to a couple of hundred… erm, hello, anybody home in there!?), the feedback is great.

A lot of people felt that they got excellent value. Like with many vibration plates, there was also a percentage of people happily surprised at how effective the workout was.

Wrapping Up: Is the Bluefin Fitness Pro Vibration Plate Trainer Right for You?

Upright vibration plate trainers are popular. This variation gets around the need to contort around the floor-based units. While that is fine for those willing and flexible enough, the uprights give you a bar that lets you get a lot of the same benefits standing up.

Add to this the 360-degree plate, big console, and built-in speakers, and you have a unit that has a ton of features for a price not far above those basic floor units.

Check out the close-ups in the picture gallery, and read the latest feedback for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.

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