Bluefin Fitness Tour 5.0 Exercise Bike Review

Bluefin Tour 5.0 Home Exercise Bike Review

Summary: The Bluefin Fitness Tour 5.0 Exercise Bike has a lot of advanced features for a unit in this price range. KinoMap compatibility tops the list. This allows you to use your phone or tablet / iPad to see tracks, enjoy group rides or get coaching. There is a lot to like about the unit itself. Silent drive technology, a 26kg flywheel and pulse rate monitors are just the start. For me, the vibration plates created by Bluefin are the best in their price range. With the Tour 5.0 exercise bike, the incumbent bike makers should start to watch their backs…

You can see the full gallery – including details of the app compatibility and pedals, on this dedicated product page – check it out now!

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LOW IMPACT, HIGH-INTENSITY: The Tour 5.0 exercise bike offers a low impact cardio exercise that is kind on your joints & full of great health benefits. (read more…)

Detailed Review of the Bluefin Fitness Tour 5.0 KinoMap Compatible Exercise Bike

You get a solid bike with compact dimensions with this unit. It is 101cm x 126cm x 50cm. There are wheels to move it into place. Bars on the bottom keep it stable, with the bottom unit containing the flywheel providing stability for the unit. The saddle height and distance from the console is adjustable to suit different sized riders. Max recommended weight is 120kgs – that is more than 18 stone.

Construction is a mix of aluminium and plastic.

That 12kg flywheel does more than just anchor the exercise bike in place. This is key to the ‘whisper quiet’ motion that Bluefin call silent drive. This company manages to keep their vibration plates quiet – so using the same technology for a bike makes perfect sense.

Resistance is provided by magnets. This makes for smoother / more predictable resistance compared to belt / braking systems. It also means that your bike will last longer.

Check out the ergonomically designed pedals. They do include straps to keep your feet in place.

KinoMap Compatible Console

You don’t need KinoMap to use the Bluefin 5.0 bike. This is a popular app which gives you maps to make it look like your ride is on scenic routes or famous cities – rather than in your spare room. You can use this for group training, with friends or strangers. Coaching is also available. You will need to download and pay for this app separately. Any modern iPhone, Android phone or iPad / Tablet will work with this app.

If you prefer to use the standard console, you will still get a great workout. Thee are 12 automatic programs to choose from, along with a huge 24 levels of manually controlled resistance. Programs which simulate inclines, cross-country biking and race-pace intensity are all available.

Pulse sensors are located on the handlebars. The console will scroll between different stats – including that all important calories burned score.

Feedback: What Buyers of the Bluefin Fitness Tour 5.0 Exercise Bike Said?

Bikes from BluefinOnce you get past the grumbles about damaged boxes or bikes (those users have every right, naturally!), those that used the bike were almost all positive. It was noted that this unit is easy to assemble, even with just one person.

The comfortable seat got mentioned, though the app compatibility was the main plus point. At this price range (barely above the budget level), having a bike which works with apps, includes plus sensors and simulates different terrain is a big plus. I get the feeling that some people were expecting something more similar to what you find in a commercial gym. If you set the smaller / home use expectations correctly, then this bike has gone down well.

As always, I recommend that you check the feedback for yourself. It can pay to disregard anything too positive, and also the 1-star rants about a missing screw… the truth is usually somewhere between these!

Wrapping Up: Is the Bluefin Tour 5.0 Exercise Bike Right for You?

We would all love a Peloton, though the price is out of reach for many. A lower priced and solid bike from Bluefin, combined with the popular KinoMap app makes for an excellent compromise. This bike works fine without the app – having 24 resistance levels and programs to mimic different types of ride.

You get a 12kg fly wheel, adjustable and comfortable saddle, and quiet action on this bike.

For home fitness that will give you that immersive feel without breaking the bank – this bike ticks all the right boxes.

Check out the gallery and check for any discounts for yourself now over on this dedicated product page.

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