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Bluefin Fitness 4D Triple Motor Vibration Plate - Fitness Review

Bluefin Fitness 4D Triple Motor Vibration Plate

Bluefin 4D Vibration Plate

Summary: Bluefin Fitness 4D Triple Motor vibration plates add a long list of bells and whistles to a big floor-standing model. This includes an innovative coloured intensity meter. The ‘4D’ comes from 3 separate motors, plus magnets. You get the regular vibrations, oscillations, micro-vibrations, and then magnetic therapy that can be used during a break in the session. Add a wrist strap remote, Bluetooth enabled speakers and plenty of programmes – and you will see that this unit has a way better spec than regular vibration plate trainers.

This plate has already accumulated a ton of positive comments from users. You can check those, plus see the gallery (including the all-important close-ups) for yourself now over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

4D Triple Motor Vibration Plate | Powerful | Magnetic Therapy Massage | Curved Surface | 4.0 Bluetooth Speakers | Vibration Oscillation & Micro Vibration | 3 Silent Drive Motors (Black)
4D Motion: 3 silent drive motors deliver Vibration, Oscillation and Micro Vibration, separately, together, or all three at the same time! …. more

Detailed Review of the 4D Triple Motor Vibration Plate from Bluefin Fitness

This is bigger than most floor-standing vibration plates. It weighs a sturdy 19kgs and is 79cm x 46cm and sits 20cms off the ground. The maximum user weight is advised at 150kgs – that is around 23 stone.

You will immediately notice that the ridged surface has foot shapes on it. They are not just guidelines for where to stand, the magnets are under there.

This vibration plate has 3 primary motors. The first one the same core as other units. This provides the primary vibrations. The second motor is for oscillations, adding some extra movement to strain against. What this Bluefin Fitness unit has that others lack is a 3rd motor for micro-vibrations. That magnet extra is for soothing reflexology style breaks.

If you have not used a vibration-based workout machine before, I recommend starting slow. While it can feel like a 10-minute session was a light introduction – you’ll be surprised just how big a workout that session provides. If you are not careful, it could take a few days for those muscles to recover from the soreness!

Electronics and Wrist Remote Control

Console view Bluefin Fitness 4D Vibration TrainerThe coloured bars of the console on the top of this trainer are one of those ‘obvious when someone does it’ ideas. There are green, yellow, and red bars. As the intensity of your workouts goes up, the meter moves through the colours – showing you exactly where you are in terms of how tough your workout is.

There are 60 levels of vibrations to get through. You will also find 3 workouts which are built in, covering weight loss and conditioning.

No problems with knowing where to put the remote control with the 4D Vibration Plate – this goes on your wrist like a watch. The final extra for electronics involves music. There are Bluetooth speakers, which let you connect with your phone to use your own playlist while you exercise.

You get access to videos and guides to teach the basics.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Bluefin Fitness 4D 3-Motor Vibration Plate

Bluefin get positive feedback for a lot of different units. What I looked for in these comments was whether that extra money is worth spending for the added features in this 4D model. Bluefin regular vibration plate is a tough model to beat – it comes at a super-reasonable price.

Overall, the 100’s who left feedback were delighted with their machines. Words like ‘perfect’ and ‘easy’ appeared multiple times. One or two people thought that the extra features were overkill, and one or two needed to evoke their guarantee. Based on this I got the impression that people who already knew they enjoyed vibration trainers were the most enthusiastic.

Make sure you check the latest comments, whichever vibration plate trainer you end up with. This becomes super-important with unknown brands, though is still worth doing for established ones like Bluefin.

Wrapping Up: Is the Bluefin Fitness 4D Vibration Plate Trainer Right for You?

This unit has a lot of features compared to entry-level plates. You get 3 motors, which can combine to tone your muscles in different ways. The 4th is the magnets, which is more therapy-based. Add a wrist controller, Bluetooth speakers and that excellent intensity meter – and you will see why this model gets glowing feedback.

I’d say those extras benefit people who already enjoy vibration plates the most. If you are new to this style of exercise, or on a budget, then an entry level model – like these ones from LifePro – will get the job done.

For those that want a fully featured unit, which will give a short workout that replaces an entire gym session, the 4D makes an excellent choice.

Check out the close-up pictures, and read the latest feedback from buyers now, over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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