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BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Review - Fitness Review

BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Review

BH Fitness Titanium Gym

Summary: The BH Fitness Titanium plus multi-gym is a mid-range setup from a respected provider. This equipment is built to last and is versatile enough as a base for your home setup. Excellent feedback from buyers for this item – and a healthy discount (at the time of writing), check out the latest deal on the Amazon.co.uk product page now!

 Detailed Review of the BH Fitness Multi-Gym Titanium Plus

The BH Fitness Multi Gym has all of the features of a conventional home gym, with an incomparable smoother motion provided by the linear bearings within the pulley system. This mid price home multigym includes a lat pull-down bar and straight bar attachments, while the guided work system ensures that exercises can be performed with maximum security.

The cable system in the home multi gym ensures that there are no feelings of distension in your workout, ensuring more natural and direct exercises. The added weight stack allows a maximum tension of 70kg, perfect for users to want progression in their workouts. The variety of workouts that can be performed on the multi gym mean that your chest, shoulders, arms, abs, back and legs can all be concentrated on, ensuring a full body workout.

With a length of 130cm and a total width of just 90cm, this multi gym won’t actually take up too much floor space, making it perfect for use in the home or garage. The equipment is at the upper end of the price range when compared to other multi gyms, but you are paying for that added level of quality in this case – this is a multi-gym that is certainly built to last (a nice discount at Amazon  makes it even more attractive). The equipment looks great too, in an eye catching combination of black, grey and red.

Feedback on the BH Fitness Titanium Plus

Reviews of the equipment are very positive, not a single reviewer awarding it less than three stars out of five. Users have stated that the workout machine is excellent and despite being in the upper price range, still offers good value for money. The equipment is said to take between 2 or 3 hours to assemble, the assembly straightforward, although more than user has said that the instructions could have been larger.

For a good quality home multi-gym that is built to last, the BH Fitness equipment will fit the bill. Ideal for a wide range of fitness activities, this multi-gym features an added weight stack to ensure progression in your workouts. High on quality, this equipment ensures the smoothest of workouts. Check it out for yourself at Amazon.co.uk!

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