Better Than Press Ups Pec Dec Review

Better than Press Ups Pec Dec

Summary: The Chest Magic ‘Better than Press Ups’ Pec Dec is an example of innovative home gym equipment – this time focused on your chest, triceps and shoulders. The key is resistance, and the unique curved tracks reach muscles which traditional equipment does not. Comments from owners of this machine are near unanimous that it works, many comment on what a tough workout it gives. You can see the machine in use on the gallery over on this dedicated product page.


Detailed Review of the Better than Press Ups Deluxe Pec Dec Gym from Chest Magic

What you will receive is a floor standing frame made up of two U-shaped sets of bars. There are pads which slide along each one. These have areas for putting your hands flat, and also smaller grip-handles above. There is a 3rd handle away from the machine on each pad. As you can see from the gallery, each different grip allows you to focus on different muscle groups.

This unit is 124cms wide, and 15cm high when not in use. Keep in mind that the weighted handles do move out from the side when you use it. This brings the width to 162cm (approx.) when it is in use. The Chest Magic machine is not too heavy, with the total shipping weight being just 10kgs.

Better Than Press Ups? Using the Chest Magic Gym

You’ll get a small instruction booklet with your machine, which takes you through 6 different exercises. The key element of this unique pec dec is that you can adjust the resistance level. Based on the feedback from users, I recommend you start at the easy end. This machine works very well, which can lead to some muscle soreness while you get used to it!

You are using your body weight, in combination with the adjustable resistance. By allowing you to move both outwards and upwards in a single movement, you’ll get the benefit of a bench press, and pec dec at the same time. You can target your entire upper body by varying your routines. According to the makers, this list is; biceps, shoulders, chest, triceps, back and even your abs.

The icing on the cake: This unit stores away easily.

What Previous Buyers Said About the Better than Press Ups Gym?

It might sound contradictory, though most of the 5-star reviews for this unit mentioned pain or soreness in some way. The message is that it works. Adding your body weight to so many chest exercises is bound to hit muscles in different ways, activating them along the way.

Overall, buyers are very pleased with their pec gym, and pleased with the results. There are even messages from experienced lifters, saying that this machine offered something new for them. One comment says that you can always start on your knees (as opposed to toes), and work your way up from there.

Wrap Up: Is this Chest Magic Machine Really Better than Press Ups?

This unit will certainly do a lot more than the humble press up ever could for you. Using resistance and your full body weight together really does work muscles differently to anything else out there. This is a compact machine, and can be stored easily. You’ll work out a lot of different upper body muscles using it. The message from buyers is to go slow at first, and work your way up!

Check out the gallery, which shows this unit in use for different exercises – and read the feedback from buyers yourself.

Check out this dedicated product page now!

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