Best Fitness Dice

Best Fitness Dice

Fitness Dice: a Novelty Gift for Fitness Fans

Summary: Fitness dice are an entertaining novelty that get around the fixed nature of workout schedules – by adding a random element. These are relatively cheap – making them ideal gifts for the fitness fanatics among your friends and family. They are an ideal way to break the routine. Perfect for those who love to mix things up a little!

I have covered three popular sets of fitness dice on this page. They can be used in group training situations, as well as individually.

Best Fitness Dice: Randomise Your Workouts

Candidate #1 – Phoenix Fitness Exercise Dice

These dice are the best-selling example. They are regular 6-sided dice, though much bigger than those you might have played snakes and ladder with as a kid. They are 6.5cms square, bright orange and come with rounded corners. They are made from vinyl, keeping them sweat proof and easy to clean.

Here is how they are organised:

  • One has timing / reps on it. For example, 20 reps or 30 seconds.
  • The other has the type of exercise, ranging from press ups to lunges

The idea is that you roll them both together, getting a fresh combination each time. Feedback is hugely positive, with many mentions of buying them (or receiving them) as a gift.

Check out the Phoenix Fitness exercise dice for the full workout list, you will find them on this dedicated product page.

Phoenix Fitness RY1051 Exercise Dice for Workout Fun - Fitness Decision Dice - Switch Up Training Routines, HIIT and Exercises - Home and Gym - Orange
KEEP EXERCISE FUN – The Phoenix Fitness Exercise Dice promises to spice up your workout routines with a throw of a dice. Different exercises and sets.

Candidate #1 – LifeM Set of 3 Fitness Dice with 12 Sides

Unless you play Dungeons and Dragons, 12-sided dice will probably look strange to you. This format works brilliantly when it comes to varying your workouts. LifeM has put them in sets of 3, each one will a different set of exercises and number of reps. They are colour coded for easy, medium, or hard.

Exercises you can roll include crunches, jumping jacks, push ups and squats. Rep counts and time counts are used depending on the exercise. As you can stick with one dice, or move up through them to go from a gentle to a tough workout.

Again, positive feedback – with more than one person noting that these dice made their workouts a lot more interesting!

Check out the full list of exercises and the quirky designs on this dedicated product page now!

Final Candidate – 4 Pack of Varied Exercise Dice from FitLid

Another brand which has gone with the 12-sided option. These dice come in a pack of 4 (an alternate pack of 3 is available). They are bright green, with colour-coded writing and pictures on them which makes them easy to tell apart.

What is different about these fitness dice is the exercise types covered. While the others focus on cardio / HIIT, these dice have everything from yoga and pilates to strength exercises like dips. They do not separate the reps / times – as each exercise needs it’s own number assigned.

These big. Bold dice have received a lot of positive feedback. Several people note that this is a great set for the family. With the exercises varying, you can each pick your favourite one. The ‘cute bag’ also got a mention.

Check out the list of exercises and feedback from buyers for yourself now over on this dedicated product page.

4-Pack Exercise Dice Bundle with Fitness Manual & Bag | Perfect for HIIT, Cardio, Yoga, Stretching, Strength Training, Sports, Crossfit, Plyometrics, Body Weight, Group Class, All Ages, WOD
FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Great way to motivate and bond with family & Friends. Our EXER-DICE have a detailed exercise manual with illustrations to ensure that the whole family will have fun with the easy to follow workouts.

Summing Up: Fitness dice are a novelty item that proves more entertaining and useful than many buyers first imagine. You can get them to vary your own routines, as a gift, or as something to vary your family / friends group in the gym or park. The 12-sided options give you even more flexibility.

Once you try, you will almost certainly be recommending these dice to fiends!

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