Apple Watch Fitness Tracker Capabilities Extended

apple watch fitness

Apple has been holding its annual developer conference, called WWDC in California. There were many announcements – with the latest version of the Mac / iPhone operating system the most significant of them. Here at, the main focus is on keeping you informed about the latest capabilities for tracking your fitness.

A small change for wheelchair users is a nice touch. Instead of ‘time to stand’ the alert now says ‘time to roll’. This might only be a small percentage of the total users, though touches like this separate the good from the great when it comes to inclusion.

Fitness Apps Launch 7 Times Faster

One of the gripes that many users of fitness tracking apps had with the last operating system for the Apple watch was that it was slow to load up apps. The new news is that this area has been vastly improved.

There is also some news on specific apps.

First is a new one called ‘Breathe’ which includes breathing exercises (I already added this to the list of apps to be reviewed). Otherwise the capability to make fitness apps work in the background, without them being active on the watch has been added. This should make it easier to track activities and sleep too.

Here are the most popular apple watch fitness apps in mid-2016

Runtastic Pro: This app speaks to you via an ear-piece as well as providing information on your wrist. Track your runs and enjoy programs which tell you when it is time to step it up a level. This one is a bargain for less than £4 in the app store.

MyFitnessPal: You’ll find a detailed review of this app here. While that review is for the full smartphone version, the advantages of having an on-wrist display while you are working out are huge. Not only does this help you stay fit, there is the very important community aspect to it too – something Apple are pushing hard with the latest watch operating system.

Should You Buy an Apple Watch?

There are a lot of really good fitness watches out there for a lot less money. At the same time the Apple watch is making big strides and has the power to be at least a little future proof. My preference is for Polar trackers… if you like other Apple products, then maybe the upgraded fitness capabilities of the latest OS for the Apple watch are right for you!

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