Air Stability Wobble Cushion Review

Wobble Cushion

Summary: Wobble cushions help with core strength, balance and even with posture. For a low price (compared to many other forms of fitness equipment) you get a versatile, if strange looking, piece of kit. This cushion is dimpled for standing or sitting use, comes with a pump and has some solid user feedback over at At the time of writing there is a big discount to, check this product page for the latest deal.

AppleRound Air Stability Wobble Cushion, Blue, 34cm/13.5in Diameter, Balance Disc, Pump Included
13.5in / 34cm in diameter, large spiky dimples on one side (for standing), very small dimples on the reverse side (for sitting). It helps promote core stability….more

Detailed Review of the Air Stability Wobble Cushion

What you are getting is a disc shaped air cushion which is robust enough to stand on or sit on. This is 14 inches across and has different sized dimples on each side. On one side the dimples are large and spiked, which keeps the wobble cushion in place for standing. On the other side the dimples are smaller and more gentle.

Your stability cushion will come deflated, though there is a pump supplied. It is made from durable PVC, and there were no mentions of one bursting or not being up to the task. One commenter mentioned that they were 15 stone, and happily used this device.

Many comments mentioned that physiotherapists had recommended this device for strengthening core muscles and after surgery / accidents. For standing exercised the improvements in general balance also seems to be a plus point. Many commenters also reported that they used the Air Stability Wobble Cushion to improve their general posture when sitting. Both Yoga and Pilates were mentioned in the (overall very positive) user feedback at amazon.

This item was bought frequently as a pair with Balance Pods, which are smaller versions. You’ll be pleased to hear that it is safe for floors, as the dimples are PVC.

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